Gamma Contemporary Doors

South Florida Based design firm, Catalina Design, contracted Dayoris Doors to manufacture these 10 ft Floor to Ceiling, Filo Muro, Walnut Veneer Doors to accentuate the massive 18 ft high ceilings of this impressive Miami Beach water front home. In order to induce the warmth of a family home, Dayoris installed Flush Filo Doors in conjunction matching wall panels. The Walnut Veneer paneling was designed with simple clean modern vertical lines. The complete wood wrap around door jambs incorporated into the paneling further enhanced the luxurious feel of this home. The extra wide Filo Muro Pivot Door leading to the Master Suite serves as an introduction to the owners’ private quarters. Once you enter the Master Suite, you are immediately captured once again by the Dark Rich Hues of the Floor to Ceiling Walnut Paneling.