Filo/ flush with casing

Filo/ Doors Flush with Casing

Old habits are hard to break. With the elegance of a coplaner design, door and casing, the DAYORIS Filo / presents itself with the simplicity of a single plane that site proud of the wall’ The Filo model comes with an adjustable wood jamb system that will accommodate any wall thickness.

The casing wraps the wall completely from the flush door side through the interior structural jamb with the casing inset on the side of the door. This door profile is equipped with the DAYORIS micro concealed hinge system and European magnetic mortise.

Swing Doors


The Filo Swing door is the most popular door profile of the DAYORIS Filo line. It is commonly known as a “Flush With Casing Door”.

The DAYORIS Filo door profile is designed to sit as an elegant coplanar panel lying just proud of the adjacent wall. The engineering of the door, as well as associated door components make it so that once installed, the door will sit on the same plane as the adjacent casings.

The complete wrap around wood casing of the Filo door profile exudes the feeling of fine Italian woodwork and craftmanship. With the DAYORIS proprietary slim aluminum frame installed in conjunction with the Filo door and frame system, the Filo swing door induces a look of volume, while maintaining clean lines and contemporary appearance. The Filo Door is equipped with the DAYORIS proprietary micro concealed hinge and Italian magnetic mortise.

This door is available in heights up to 12 ft tall and 4 ft wide. Filo doors can also be manufactured Floor to Ceiling, which eliminates the need for a header. The Filo door profile is state of the art masterpiece in today’s architectural modern design forum.

Pocket Doors


The DAYORIS Filo Pocket door is a significant architectural feature in today’s modern design.

Different than traditionally uncomfortable, poor functioning pocket doors, the DAYORIS Filo pocket door glides easily on its smooth glide track system. The Filo pocket door can be outfitted with optional soft close or soft open mechanisms.

A standard aluminum door guide is imbedded underneath the door facilitating a perfectly straight guide path. Pocket doors, when open, totally disappear into the wall cavity leaving a perfectly clear unobstructed pathway. Once installed, the DAYORIS Filo Pocket Door totally disappears into the wall. Casings are designed with square edges, exuding a clean modern look. Filo pocket doors are offered at up to 12 ft heights with virtually no limit in desired width.

As an added feature, the DAYORIS Filo Pocket Door is offered in a floor to ceiling model, where standard header pieces are totally eliminated leaving the passageway completely open and unobstructed.

A new optional architectural feature offered for the Filo Pocket Door is a DAYORIS proprietary linear diffuser track system that will completely hide the overhead track in the ceiling above.

Pivot Doors

The presence of a grand DAYORIS Filo Pivot Door lying flush with its casing creates an entry feature surpassed by none other. The door is manufactured with the DAYORIS proprietary slim aluminum frame, which when installed is completely incorporated into the DAYORIS wood casing system.

The completed Filo Pivot Door lies perfectly flush with the adjacent casings, while sitting proud of the wall on a single plane. The European floor mounted pivot door hardware is completely invisible. The DAYORIS Filo Pivot Door is available in a floor to ceiling application as well. It can be manufactured as tall as 12ft and up to 7ft width. Varying the offset position of the pivot hinge will change the look of the Pivot Door from a simple pivoting door to the look and presence of a moving wall.

The DAYORIS Filo Pivot Door can be installed with typical minimalistic Italian hardware or to enhance the grand presence of the door it can be installed with a large decorative door pull.

Bypass Doors


The DAYORIS Filo Muro Bypass Door is designed as a small space solution for closets. Even though this door cannot be installed completely flush with the adjoining walls, the DAYORIS Filo Muro Bypass door manages to accomplish a clean unobtrusive modern look. There is no traditional valance used to cover the track system. The track will actually be imbedded in the header piece above the door and be completely invisible once the plaster finish has been applied.

The DAYORIS Filo Muro Bypass door has an optional soft close / soft open track system available. The bottom of the doors have an invisible rail guide system eliminating the need for unsightly exposed plastic floor mounted guides.

A new optional architectural feature offered for the Filo Pocket Door is a DAYORIS proprietary linear diffuser track system that will completely hide the overhead track in the ceiling above.

Euro Doors 


The Dayoris Filo Muro Euro Door is a unique design application perfect for a small closet.

The door is available in either a solid core ¾” or 1” thickness. It lies perfectly flat against the adjacent wall.

The Filo Muro Euro Door is suited for a smaller opening working solely in the out-swing position.

Eliminating the extra bulk of a standard thickness door, the Euro Door while still maintaining a concealed hinge, will open and close smooth and easy.

Bifold Doors


Different than the standard conventional Bifold door, the Dayoris Filo Muro Bifold Door has the look and feel of a high-end flush and frameless door.

Dayoris has implemented a new smooth glide European Hardware System that will eliminate the typical gap on the top and bottom of conventional Bifold Doors.

All hardware is mounted behind the door so that when it is in the closed position it will be perfectly flush with the adjacent wall. This door is available in either a ¾” or 1” thickness.

The Filo Muro Bifold is a great option for a closet application where space or intrusion into a room is a concern.

Barn Doors


The DAYORIS Filo Barndoor is a sliding door system for a door designed to present itself with beautiful exposed architectural hardware.

An added feature of the Filo Barndoor are the casings installed around the wall opening, thus showing off the architectural woodwork features even when the door is in the open position. Perfectly suited for the modern industrial loft-type setting, the DAYORIS’ Filo Barndoor sits proud of the existing wall.

The Filo Barndoor is often used as an architectural feature in special rooms where an interesting door enhances the interior. A Filo Barndoor can be manufactured and used on a grand scale. The DAYORIS Filo Barndoor is available as large as 12ft high and 8ft wide.