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Custom Doors for Commercial Properties


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Welcome to DAYORIS Doors™!

DAYORIS specializes in the best modern and contemporary door finishes utilizing our new concept, the Laminating Solution™, which gives us the ability to take your old doors and refurbish them to look brand new. This includes elevators, furniture, cabinetry and more! The best part of our system is that we are GREEN! We are passionate about contributing to the preservation of our environment by employing the use of LEED-certified green products and eco-friendly materials to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our refacing process is simple – we pick your doors up, apply the solution and deliver your “new” custom doors. Of course, brand new doors are also an option. Our online entities offer every option you need to complete your modern projects, whether doors or furniture:

DAYORIS Doors designs, manufactures and installs custom and modern Italian doors. We use the highest quality materials and quality standards to build the best custom and modern doors. Customer Satisfaction is the most important factor to DAYORIS Doors.  Our wall paneling system is simple to install and gives modern interiors a stylish and trendy look.

Our work can be seen throughout South Florida in both commercial and residential settings. Our modern custom doors are popular within the condominium community for providing cohesive looks with our impressive Italian laminates featuring wood veneers, high-gloss and matte color facings or lacquer.

Our retrofit program also extends to hotel doors. Using our laminates, we can reface all your doors, including your fire-rated hotel doors. Your hotel doors will look great once they have gone through our hotel door refacing process. Modern hotel doors are very fashionable and timeless. Rejuvenate the look of your hotel interiors today!

DAYORIS also specializes in custom fire-rated doors and millwork furniture pieces. These doors, revamped in modern designs, can be delivered with or without fire-rated metal frames. Also, modern fire doors will look excellent with our designer modern hardware and complement commercial or residential settings. One of our most requested styles are the Pivot Door System, sleek timeless modern. Use DAYORIS to meet all your modern styling needs. Our design specialists are knowledgeable and able to help you complete your project. Take your room to the next level… with DAYORIS Doors.


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