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The new barn doors system brought to you by Dayoris will bring simplicity and authenticity into your home. This is a Magnificent example of a state of the art door which combines a rustic look with modern hardware.  Dayoris’s Interior Barn Doors are a magnificent example of classic rustic look with contemporary hardware.

The rustic look and modern design of this interior barn door is a design marvel. This contemporary barn door is often used as a display door or room divider. These doors are often made over-sized, sometimes as high 11 ft tall. The Dayoris modern barn doors fit well into a modern loft style setting. Today’s modern barn door can be manufactured in a variety of finishes or designs complimenting any interior that it is installed in.

architecturally designed Ghost doors or modern Barn doors are generally used where a door is placed for display or presentation purposes. These beautiful modern doors sit proud of adjacent walls and serve not only as a room divider but rather as an architectural feature in and of themselves.

The Modern Ghost Door is fitted with a totally invisible Italian hardware system, so that when opened or closed there is virtually no visible track. Dayoris beautifully designed modern barn doors present themselves with beautiful Italian wall mounted stainless steel hardware that lend the design perfectly towards a modern loft style setting. Dayoris manufactures these doors in sizes up to 12 ft tall and 6 ft wide. They can be made in an array of modern finishes, ranging from true wood veneers, hi-end German laminates, and beautiful clean modern lacquer finishes. To view all our products view our catalog.

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