Telaio/ with raised casing

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Traditional styling with a contemporary profile, the DAYORIS Telaio / provides contrast, emphasizing the shadow effect of a multi plane profile between casing and door.

The clear and essential differentiating lines lend themselves towards the furnishing of most transitional environments.

Telaio is the evolution of an historical door profile that has evolved to include square flat casings adaptable to any wall thickness.

Telaio / presents itself with a completely finished wood casing and jamb. This door profile is equipped with the DAYORIS micro concealed hinge system and European magnetic mortise.

Telaio/ Installation video

The Telaio Swing Door is the DAYORIS interpretation of a conventional door profile. With traditional styling as its model, DAYORIS has redesigned the Telaio door using square flat casings.

When installed, the Telaio swing door has no visible screws or nails. Everything is completely hidden resulting in a high-end look.

The DAYORIS Telaio Door emphasizes the shadow effect of a multi plane profile between the door and casing. Once installed the DAYORIS Telaio modern door presents itself with a completely finished, richly defined, wrap around wood casing and jamb that is adaptable to any wall thickness.

The Telaio swing door is offered in sizes up to 12ft tall and 3ft wide. DAYORIS’ Telaio door is offered as a transitional door profile setting itself apart from standard door types while still maintaining a contemporary presence.



Telaio/ Pocket Doors

The DAYORIS Telaio Pocket door is an important architectural feature in today’s contemporary design. Differentiating itself from other standard, poor functioning pocket doors, the DAYORIS Telaio pocket door glides smooth on its track.

Telaio pocket doors can be outfitted with an optional soft close or soft open mechanism. The DAYORIS Telaio Pocket Door has an aluminum guide imbedded inside the door creating a perfectly straight guide path. The Pocket Door, when open, entirely disappears into the wall cavity leaving a perfectly clear unobstructed pathway. Once installed, the DAYORIS Telaio Pocket Door totally disappears into the wall. The flat modern Casings are designed with square edges, exuding a clean contemporary look.

Telaio pocket doors can be manufactured up to a 12 ft height and virtually no limit in desired width. As an added feature, the DAYORIS Telaio Pocket Door is offered in a floor to ceiling model, eliminating the standard header piece, by recessing the door into the ceiling above. The result is a completely open unobstructed, floor to ceiling passageway. A new optional architectural feature offered for the Telaio Pocket Door is a Dayoris proprietary linear diffuser track system, which when installed, completely hides any evidence of the overhead track.


Telaio/ Pivot Doors

Pivot Door. It’s made with the DAYORIS proprietary slim aluminum profile, which when installed, is embedded in the wrap around wood casing. The DAYORIS Telaio pivot door is a multi-plane profile creating a shadow effect differentiating the lines between the decorative casing and door. 

The floor mounted European pivot door hardware is completely invisible.

The DAYORIS Filo Telaio Pivot Door is available as floor to ceiling model. It can be manufactured as tall as 12ft and up to 7ft width. Varying the offset position of the concealed pivot hinge will change the look of the Pivot Door from a simple pivoting door, to the look and presence of a wall pivoting.

The DAYORIS Filo Muro Pivot Door and be installed with typical minimalistic Italian hardware or to enhance the doors grandeur, it can be installed with a large decorative door pull. 


Telaio/ Bypass Doors

The DAYORIS Telaio Bypass Door is offered as a small space solution for closets.   Similar to other doors in the Telaio line, this door, when installed will not lie flush with adjacent walls.

The DAYORIS Telaio Bypass door will accomplish a clean contemporary look, while accentuating the multi planed aspect of a hi-end by-pass door. The concealed track mechanism is completely hidden within the casing system, eliminating the need for a traditional type valance.

The Telaio Bypass door can be outfitted with an optional European soft close / soft open system. The bottom of the doors are manufactured with an invisible rail guide system eliminating any need for traditional floor mounted visible plastic guides.

All of the casings are cut straight with clean modern lines. The Telaio Bypass door exudes a presence of opulence where traditional bypass doors simply fail in looks as well as function


DAYORIS’ Telaio Euro Door is a proprietary design solution perfectly suited for a small closet. The Telaio Euro Door is manufactured as either a solid core ¾” or 1” door profile.

The casing of the door sits proud of the adjacent wall accentuating a coplanar shadow effect between the door and casing. The square contemporary casing will exude a clean sense of contemporary design.

The DAYORIS Telaio Euro Door is suitable for smaller openings such as linen or electronic closets. Dayoris’ Euro Door is manufactured to operate as an out-swing door.

By using the Telaio Euro door you eliminate the bulk of a standard thickness door.The Telaio Euro Door is manufactured using a concealed hinge designed specifically for use on a smaller door profile.

The unique design of the door allows the use of an appropriately sized door slab in a small space while still maintaining the presence of a beautiful hi-end contemporary door profile.

Telaio/ Euro Bifold Doors

The Dayoris Telaio Bifold Door presents itself as a high-end door. It is designed with a coplanar door profile, and beautiful square cut casings that sit proud of the adjacent wall.

The DAYORIS design team has re-engineered the profile of the common bi-fold door so you no longer see any gaps or unsightly spaces on the bottom or the top. 

These doors are outfitted with smooth glide European Hardware, virtually eliminating the unstable feel of traditional bi-fold doors. All hardware is mounted behind the doors so that when the door is in the closed position the casing sits proud of the wall displaying a rich contemporary door profile. 

Dayoris’ Telaio Door is perfect where it becomes necessary to restrict intrusion into a limited space area. The doors are available in either a ¾” or 1” thickness.

The DAYORIS Filo Bifold is a great option for closet applications where space or intrusion into a room is a concern.