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Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors

Few modern doors are as impressive as the DAYORIS Pivot Door. It’s made with the DAYORIS proprietary slim aluminum profile, which when installed, is totally embedded in the adjoining walls.

Depending on what door profile is chosen, a DAYORIS modern Pivot Door can either lie totally flat with adjacent walls if it is manufactured as a Filo Muro, or when the Telaio or Filo design is chosen the door is installed proud of the wall. The finest architectural European pivot door hardware will be floor mounted and is completely invisible. The DAYORIS Pivot Door is available in a floor to ceiling model as well.

These beautiful modern doors are manufactured as tall as 12ft and up to 7ft width. Varying pivot hinge offset positions change the look and feel of Modern Pivot Doors from that of a simple pivoting door, to the dramatic look of a complete wall pivoting.
A DAYORIS Pivot Door can be installed with a typical minimalistic Italian Mortise Set, or if you want to enhance the presence of the door, it can be manufactured with a large European decorative door pull.

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Filo/ Pivot Doors

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