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Adaleen / Estimating and Accounting Department

Adaleen plays a critical role in financial management, cost estimation, budgeting, financial analysis, and ensuring compliance within the company. Her work helps drive financial stability, informed decision-making, and effective resource allocation.
Accurate cost estimation, budgeting and financial planning.

Melissa / New Client Acquisitions

Melissa’s responsibilities encompass identifying and onboarding new clients and customer for Dayoris products and services. Her role is crucial for expanding the company’s customer base, increasing revenue, and targeting business growth goals.
“Our role is not just about selling doors, it’s about establishing trust and rapport.”

Aleesia / Accounting Department

Aleesia is in charge of managing resources efficiently, making informed strategic decisions, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Her accurate and thorough accounting practices are essential for the success and sustainability of Dayoris Doors.
“Our work contributes directly to the company’s success. Our efforts play a pivotal role in achieving Dayoris Door’s goals.”

Mariangel / Estimating and Sales Department 

Mariangel is responsible for thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and objectives. Through effective communication and active listening, she gains a deep understanding of the client’s project specifications, timelines.
“We leverage our expertise to develop comprehensive and precise cost estimates, ensuring that they align with client’s expectations.”


Javier / Lead Project Manager

Javier is a versatile and dynamic Architect who plays a crucial role in the entire project lifecycle. From initiation to closure, Javier takes charge of overseeing every aspect and ensures that all objectives are met and stakeholders are satisfied.

“As the project nears completion, we facilitate the closure process by finalizing documentation, conducting reviews, and capturing lessons learned.”

Juan / Lead Project Manager

Juan, our proactive project manager, brings a strong attention to detail to every task. With a focus on customer satisfaction, he excels in overseeing all aspects of projects, ensuring accuracy and upholding high-quality standards throughout the project lifecycle.
“At our company, we prioritize effective timeline management, budget control, and risk mitigation.”

Moises / Production Coordinator

Moises plays a vital role in overseeing and managing many aspects of the production process. His primary responsibility is to ensure that the production operations run smoothly and efficiently, meeting the company’s quality standards.

Moises collaborates directly with our California office, assuming the responsibility of analyzing customer orders, production capacity, and available resources.

Javier V. / Design & Marketing

Javier’s role involves a combination of creative design skills and strategic marketing expertise. As an architect, he brings an integral perspective to Dayoris, understanding precisely what the company aims to convey to its clients, assuring the project success.
“By offering clear, precise, and detailed information, reduce confusion, mitigate risks, and ensure successful projects.”

Jose / Lead West Coast Project Manager

Jose assumes a pivotal role throughout the entire project journey, particularly in West Coast projects. From project inception to its successful conclusion, he takes charge of overseeing every aspect, ensuring the attainment of both client and Dayoris goals.
“We coordinate teams, source materials efficiently, and meet strict timelines to deliver top-quality doors that meet client expectations, requiring technical expertise and effective leadership.”

Scott / Principal

Scott posses strong leadership skills to guide Dayoris Doors toward its strategic goals and objectives. He has the ability to develop a clear, long-term vision for the growth and success within the door industry.
A deep understanding of the business, including knowledge of competitors, suppliers, and customers, is essential for his role.

Dan / Principal

The role of Dan in Dayoris Doors is multifaceted, involving strategic marketing, financial management, operational oversight, innovation and team leadership.
His decisions and actions have a significant impact on the company’s success and its standing within the door industry.

Andres/ Project Manager

Andres, an adaptable and dynamic architect, assumes a pivotal role throughout the entire project lifecycle.
From initiation to closure, he oversees every aspect, ensuring the fulfillment of Dayoris’ objectives.


Michel / Lead Shop Manager

With 10 years at DAYORIS, Michel excels in organizational skills, efficiently managing tasks, prioritizing workloads, and maintaining attention to detail. As a skilled team manager, he inspires staff to achieve goals and deliver exceptional service. 

“Our deep understanding of the products, industry trends, and customer preferences, DAYORIS elevates high-quality standards and ensuring project success.”

Johnny / Lead CNC Operator 

Jhonny has been with Dayoris for three years, starting as an apprentice and working his way up to come a skilled CNC machinist. Advanced machinist operation, technical expertise, attention to detail, cutting edge technology.

“As an CNC machinist, I take pride in using my technical expertise and precision cutting skills to bring intricate designs to life”.

Carmelo / Lead Shipping Division

Carmelo has taken the helm of Dayoris Shipping division, bringing his invaluable expertise to ensure the safe and secure delivery of the door. Global Shipping Capabilities, Timely Delivery with Utmost Care, Reliable and Secure Shipping Solutions.

“We have the ability to modify or adjust details within a few days, impossible for imported doors”.

Angel / Lead Framing Division

Angel is a key figure in the construction and supervision of DAYORIS door frames. Utilizing high-end machinery, Angel ensures precision in measurements, shaping, and assembly. 

Angel and his team posses a keen eye for accuracy and precision when aligning and fitting the door frames, ensuring proper installation and optimal functionality.

Ernesto / Assistant Shop Manager

Ernesto is a key contributor, providing vital support in day-to-day operations, staff supervision, and ensuring a well-organized shop environment. His unwavering dedication and effort are crucial in achieving the company’s goals and ensuring the success of projects.
Ernesto excels in staff supervision, operations management, and optimizing resource allocation. 

Jose / Production Manager Door Division

Jose assumes a diverse array of responsibilities to guarantee the seamless and effective functioning of the production process. He establishes and upholds quality control protocols, ensuring that the doors manufactured meet and also surpass industry standards.
“I foster effective communication and collaboration within the production department as well as with other departments.”

Oswaldo / Lead Painter

Oswaldo is accountable for maintaining high-quality standards throughout the painting process. He inspects completed work, identify and rectify any defects, and ensure that the finished product meets the required specifications.
“Stay updated with the latest painting technologies, trends, and industry best practices is one of our main goals.”

German / Quality Control

German is being the gatekeeper of product excellence, ensuring that every door that leaves Dayoris meets the highest standards. The satisfaction of knowing that his attention to detail directly contributes to the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the final product.
“We collaborate closely with many teams, from production to engineering, fostering teamwork and responsibility.”

Amaury / Frame Assembly

Amaury’s role is of utmost importance, he is responsible for crafting high-quality door frames that significantly enhance the durability and functionality of the finished doors. 
“Our commitment to conducting thorough quality control checks ensures that only the best frames make it to the finished doors, reflecting a strong sense of responsibility towards delivering excellence.”

Arlen / Framing Division

Arlen plays a hands-on role in the production of door frames. He needs to combine technical understanding, attention to detail, physical capability, and effective communication to contribute to the division’s success while prioritizing safety and quality.
“We role as an essential part of a team effort. We contribute to the creation of high-quality door frames.”

Rolando / Service Technician

Rolando possess a combination of technical skills, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to safety and customer service. These characteristics are essential for delivering high-quality door installations and ensuring customer and project satisfaction.
“Each installation is a unique puzzle, and we take pride in our ability to solve it with precision and care.”

Geos / Painter

Geos is an important member of out team, he has a strong foundation in painting techniques, including brushwork, spraying, and staining. He is able to apply paint evenly and smoothly to achieve a high-quality finish on doors.
“Precision and attention to detail are crucial when painting doors. We must ensure that there are no streaks, drips, or imperfections in the finish.”

Pablo / Lead Craftsman

Pablo, our lead craftsman, is the go-to expert for tasks that demand a level of artistry and precision beyond what machinery can achieve.
His specialty lies in employing unique and refined craftsmanship techniques to ensure that every project is executed with exceptional skill and finesse.

Carlos / Service Technician

Carlos embodies a unique blend of technical expertise, meticulous attention to detail, problem-solving capabilities, and an unwavering dedication to both safety and customer satisfaction.
These qualities are fundamental to achieving excellence in door installations and guaranteeing the contentment of clients and the success of projects.

Alberto / Door Manufacturing Division

Alberto’s craftsmanship guarantees that every door is meticulously crafted according to the exact specifications, encompassing precise measurements, alignments, and finishing details.
His pivotal role is instrumental in securing the division’s success, and his dedication to the craft significantly enhances the production of top-notch doors.