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What makes a piece of furniture unique?

In most cases the furniture we purchase is unique because we own it and we like to personalized it to our own space. But the real story about unique has to do with who was the furniture built for.. We don't build modern furniture for a specific group of people or for a specific style. We build furniture for a specific person or specific room. Dayoris Millwork Division is known for the quality of work and the high-end materials. In this case we are going to be known for building a piece of furniture that was built to your specifications alone. Only you have this piece of furniture in your personal space. Only your ideas were considered when designing, manufacturing and installing this piece of furniture. Only you have this piece of furniture! If you are unique in every way let's design a piece of furniture that is unique in every way ONLY FOR YOU.

Dayoris Millwork Division - Bringing Elegance & Refinement to Custom Millwork


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Dayoris Doors is famous for their Italian modern doors and excellent customer service. We have decided to use our expertise of modern Italian furniture and apply it to vanities, wall units, desk, kitchens, closets , wall paneling and custom cabinets for your home or office. With over 15 years of experience in Florida and thousands of satisfied customer your ideas for custom millwork can now be manufactured locally with high quality materials and American quality standards. The best for the best is here to stay. For more question about our custom millwork products please call us at 305-572-0707 or visit our local office at 2114 SW 60th Ter, Miramar, FL 33023.

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More Beautiful Pocket Door ideas from DAYORIS Doors



Standard Pocket Door   Floor to Ceiling Pocket Door
Modern Pocket door Dayoris Door new one 2.jpg
Modern Pocket door Dayoris Door new one.jpg


Today we want to show two beautiful examples of pocket doors, the standard pocket door and the floor to ceiling pocket doors. The pocket doors from DAYORIS are an amazing option for your home. We have become experts in manufacturing and installing pocket doors from over 10 years of experience in the market. Our pocket doors are built with Italian materials and can be deliver in less 30 days from approval. DAYORIS has a wide selection of pocket door finishes and materials to fulfill all customer request and demands. For more information about our pocket doors please call  your local DAYORIS office

Modern Pocket Doors by DAYORIS DOORS


Modern Pocket door Dayoris Door 2.jpg

"DAYORIS DOORS utilizes the highest quality materials in the market today"

Pocket Doors by DAYORIS DOORS are a unique combination of Italian hardware with american quality standards. The pocket door system comprises of the frame, top and bottom tracks, the door slab, the mullions and the hardware. The pocket door track is the most important factor of the door, it allows for the free movement of the pocket door in order to open and close. The best material to use for your pocket door railing system is aluminum. For best durability the railing system should be reinforced to the wall and ceiling. The frame of the pocket doors is the second most important factor of the door. DAYORIS DOORS utilizes the highest quality materials in the market today. The best framing material for the pocket door is wood. DAYORIS utilizes wood for the pocket doors because of the durability and reduction in friction and sound. The door slab for our pocket doors are made of solid core LEED certify materials for longer durability and because of the fire proofing. The hardware of our pocket doors are imported from Italy and include the latches, door edge pull, stile pull, roller assembly, track stop, door handle and mortise lock. In over all the system is designed to function like a Ferrari of pocket doors. There is additional information in regards to our pocket doors and modern doors in our site. For more information please visit us here.


Italian Flush Doors, the best for your home.


Italian Flush doors Dayoris Doors.jpg

"The benefits of having such of high quality door is the increase to property value and bragging right about having an Italian artifact at your home"

Italian flush doors provide a level of style and sophistication to your home second to none. The Italian craftsmanship is renounce for the usage of high-end designs, quality of materials and the high level craftsmanship when manufacturing millwork. It is the norm for high luxury condos and houses to include some kind of italian millwork in order to increase the level of luxury of any space. Italian flush doors provide an upgrade to any room, and also give a unique look to any space with their flush design with the wall. This is especially the case with modern style homes.  The flush door special features are Italian hardware, high quality veneer,Invisible casing, invisible hinges and Italian mortise. The benefits of having such of high quality door is the increase to property value and bragging right about having an Italian artifact at your home. The italian flush doors built by DAYORIS meet all these requirements plus provide the satisfaction of having a manufacture locally that can help with any questions. Also DAYORIS provides custom Italian Flush Doors for unique spaces and locations. They manufactured and installed both commercial and residential high-end properties. For more information you can visit the Italian Flush door page for more information.

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We would like to introduce DAYORIS Millwork Division


"The best Italian Door manufacture just got better"

Bathroom door open with vanity.jpg

DAYORIS Doors is well known for their custom Italian doors and impressive wall panels. Now Dayoris is bringing those expertise of attention to detail, profesionalism and perfection to millwork. Dayoris Millwork Division designs, manufactures and installs custom Italian furniture and custom italian cabinets in South Florida. Dayoris uses the same quality materials from Europe and Italy and applies them to the client's specific requirements. Our clients can now fulfill all of their modern millwork needs under one roof with the same quality materials and professional staff. To find out more information about the Millwork Division or to get a quote you can visit us at www.Dayoris.com or call uat at 305-572-0707. You can also visit our showroom in South Florida at 2114 SW 60th Ter, Miramar, FL 33023.

Photo Jan 19, 2 24 17 PM (1).jpg

The above project shows some custom Italian cabinets design, manufacture and install by Dayoris Millwork Division. This project was completed last year and the customer is currently working in another project with those double the size. 

Check out DAYORIS Millwork Project video to appreciate the level of detail and sophistication of our work. you can see more videos in our youtube channel.

Thumbnail Video 1000 x 750.jpg

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Upgrading to Interior Barn Doors? Read our guide of Do’s and Dont’s.


"The interior barn door most important visual aspect is the mount sliding system."

Dayoris Italian Barn Door.jpg

Interior barn doors are older than some American cities, but their style provides benefits as more floor space and amazing looking decor. The decor of the modern interior barn doors with the functionality they provide are not matched by any other door type. Interior barn doors or modern barn doors are in trend now and it is best if we explained what are some features that should be considered when choosing your perfect modern barn door. First of all, let’s consider what are the areas that barn doors have the biggest influence. Some of these areas are bathrooms, small spaces, closets and hallways. Noticed, I did not mentioned tight spaces as a good place to used them, this is because there is a certain level of sophistication to the barn doors that should not be wasted in areas with low visibility. The interior barn door most important visual aspect is the mount sliding system. It is not the biggest factor but is the belt of the whole dress. If is not the right choice of style it will throw off the most beautiful dress. The selection of hardware style for the barn doors is wide and there are modern,contemporary, and rustic designs to choose from. The style is to the owner's preference but the durability must meet or exceed the life of the house.  The mount sliding system of the door must support the weight of the door and the thickness of the door. The barn doors sliding systems are designed to certain specifications and it is very important to follow the specs. I added a few selections of Italian barn doors mount sliding systems in order for you to get some ideas.

Modern Barn door sliding mount syste.jpg   Modern Pivot Door bathroom black.jpg  Modern Pivot Door bathroom showing bearings.jpg  Modern Pivot Door bathroom.jpg

The style of the door must also meet the quality and the longevity of the life of the home. The veneer is the thin slice of wood that covers the door and it really determines the quality and look of the door. If the veneer starts peeling off the door the entire barn door idea will become a bad idea very quickly. Therefore the glue and veneer quality are what I considered to be the second most important factor in the modern interior barn door.

The interior barn door most important visual aspect is the mount sliding system.The size of the interior barn door must meet the space requirements and the owner has very little so say in regards how big it should be. If the size of the door is not measure properly all of benefits previously mentioned will not apply. The factors that we previously mentioned, hardware durability, quality of the materials and correct door size are key in selecting the correct product for the correct application.

Let’s recap the do’s and dont’s



  • Do check the longevity of the hardware.
  • Do check on the credential of the door installer.
  • Do check the hardware specifically the mount sliding system meets the specification of the doors thickness and weight.
  • Do keep in mind the location of where the door is installed.
  • Do research your local market for best prices.
  • Do not hire any contractor, make sure you have seen prior work or check their credential.
  • Do not hired the cheapest contractor, it is usually a sign of lack of experience in the industry.
  • Do not use cheap veneer or laminates, it is worth to pay a little extra for the higher end materials.

For more information about modern Italian doors please visit us at the dayoris.com or contact us here.
European Craftmanship, Made to Order

Wall paneling design options and applications.


To really appreciate wall paneling we must look at some of the designs, styles and colors. There are numerous styles of wall panels; laminated wall panels, metal laminated wall panels, wood panels and outside wall panels. The wall panel location must be considered before making the selection on the style of the wall panel. Most of the sales of wall panels are of wood panel style, and the more cost effective laminated counterpart. When choosing a wall panel manufacturer you must consider their design options, warranty, overall value and performance.

Wall Paneling bedroom.jpg

Modern custom wood panlels. For more information please visit www.DAYORIS.COM

The design options provide the flexibility of mix and matching styles and colors to give a unique look to the area of application. It is a wise choice to also consider the warranty of the wall panels before installing them, since the removal can be labor intensive and time consuming. Therefore another important aspect to consider when buying wall paneling is the overall value they provide in comparison to other options. Wall paneling will provide a more sophisticated ambience to any room and entice owners to expand their usage in more than one area. When considering custom millwork always consider the usage of wall paneling since they complement each other and are a great pair to have throughout your house. The usage of modern interior architecture and modern style applications throughout the house will also complement the usage of wall panels. There are areas in the house that are begging to be dress in beautiful wall paneling, for example small kitchen spaces or closets and even the stair areas can be perfect for wall panel applications. To better appreciate wall panels styles and ideas please visit www.Dayoris.com or check-out our videos with some ideas. There are some beautiful images in our social media pages in DAYORIS twitter and DAYORIS facebook.  


Modern Sliding Doors are a great option to divide an open space.

  Modern Sliding Doors Dayoris.jpg  

"Italian Sliding Doors meet all these requirements plus provide a new level of sophistication to any home by providing functionality and decor at the same time."

Modern Sliding Doors have numerous benefits which makes them very appealing for open areas in new modern homes. The modern style main features are open space, light materials with a minimalist attitude. Italian Sliding Doors meet all these requirements plus provide a new level of sophistication to any home by providing functionality and decor at the same time. Sliding doors have the benefit of seamless transition between areas with minimal space required to operate. Some of the most beautiful modern sliding doors are the Italian sliding doors manufacture by Dayoris. These doors are not your typical sliding door, these doors are manufactured of high quality materials imported from Italy.

The modern sliding doors have safety components like shatterproof glass, incorporated gaskets and aluminium seals. There are also hook-over locking system that prevent the sliding door from coming out of its frame. 

Most italian sliding doors have great styling but Dayoris are not just quality and looks. They are custom built to meet the specifications of each customer and the specification of each location. Is very hard to find a copy of a modern sliding door built by Dayoris in another home. The new Italian sliding doors are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials that meet all specifications for American Standards. 

 For more information about Modern Sliding Doors please visit www.Dayoris.com

Updating your interior doors, Do’s and Dont’s!

Dayoris Doors Modern swing door.jpg


Some of the basic benefits of modern interior doors are: better soundproof, better fireproof, better looking mechanism, better hardware and a wider selection of styles.

Upgrading your interior doors to modern interior doors have a lot of benefits from a safety and style standpoint. There is a lot more to consider when selecting your modern interior doors and it should be mentioned those aspects can place the life of your love ones at risk. In this article we will try to provide some of the information that can help you become a better door buyer. These do’s and don't's could partially apply to other upgrades in your home therefore take notes!

Modern Interior doors are not just manufacture of wood anymore.There is a movement to a more sustainable industry that uses environmentally friendly materials, this does not mean the quality of the door has declined. The movement has actually increase the reliability, sound proofing and longevity of the doors. There are doors that are still made of 100% wood but do you really want to make that choice. “Really”   The “door slab” as is call in the industry, is now manufactured of a combination of materials that are better for sound, fire and the environment. To make sure you are getting the right materials make sure the door slab is LEED certify.  LEED certify basically means the door meets government regulations and the materials used are environmentally friendly

Modern Sliding Double Doors        Modern Interior Door
Dayoris Doors Modern Sliding Doors.jpg Dayoris Doors Modern swing door 2.jpg


The most important aspect of the door after the door slab is the door hardware. The hardware includes the door frame, hinges,door stopper, locking mechanism, casing and sill. All of these components must also meet federal, state and local regulation. The most important factor they must meet is the fire resistance rating. Also the components most meet the door's own weight and specification requirements. Getting fancy sometimes does not mean better reliability or longevity. Do the research of the components before buying them or informed the contractor that all components must meet all specifications.

For a better understanding of what you should look for modern interior doors please see the list of do’s and don'ts below.

Do's Dont's
  • Research information about the quality of the door and the specs of the slab.
  • Find out if the door comes with any warranty.
  • Find out what is the fire resistant rating! 
  • Find out if the hardware also has the same warranty as the door.
  • Do not buy a door without proper researching the manufacture and the installer.
  • Do not hire contractors that are not insured or licensed.
  • Do not buy a door that does not meet the minimum fire resistance rating for local municipalities.
  • Do not buy a modern interior door that does not meet state and federal building code requirements.
The fire resistant rating is the maximum amount of time a door can withstand the exposure to fire under the right conditions. The maximum amount of time required of any door is three hours. The components of hardware of the door must also meet the same fire resistance rating as the door. 

There is a wide selection of modern interior doors that can provide an amazing look to any room for a list of some of the modern interior door types please see below. Pivot Doors, Sliding Doors, Pocket Doors, Invisible Doors, Frameless Doors, Floor to Ceiling Doors, Barn Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Pocket Doors and Modern Closet Doors.

Dayoris Doors manufactures and installs custom Italian doors and can help with the hardware and installation of your custom italian doors.
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Wall Paneling, The Easiest Upgrade to Your Home!


"Wall panels main purpose is decorative and they do a great job at improving the appearance of the wall or room in which they are installed." 

Dayoris Italian Wall Paneling 2.jpg

A wall panel is a piece of material that covers your wall in order to provide decorative, insulation  or soundproofing. These panels can be built of laminates, veneers and other materials. Wall panels main purpose is decorative and they do a great job at improving the appearance of the wall or room in which they are installed. Wall paneling have numerous design choices and they can be built to replicate the look of wood, limestone, granite, marble, stone, leather, snakeskin or even three-dimensional textures. Wall paneling also provide minimal upkeep, better durability and easy installation. In the case of a new home, wall paneling can provide two benefits; cost savings and consistent appearance. The cost savings are provided by the lack of use of paint, primer and labor hours required to paint a wall. The appearance factor is also a great benefits because a special design to the wall does not required the need to hire an expensive painter or artist to complete the work.  Depending in the quality of the wall panels they can also outlast their main competitor, “paint”. Wall paneling also have eco-friendly benefits, there are new wall panels that are constructed of fibrous residue of sugarcane. These panels are biodegradable and have the great benefit of being 3d if the application requires it. Now let’s talk about Dayoris Doors wall panels, our wall panels are built in Italy with great styles and textures. Our panels are also LEED certified and have fire retardant particleboards. The thickness if the wall panels are between ½ inch to ¾ inch thick, they come as big as 8 feet tall by 8 feet high on special orders.  Dayoris wall panels come with matching veneer leaves within the panel like book match, balance match, center match and running match. Dayoris wall paneling has matching faces between panels, these are blueprint match, sequence match, end match, continuous end match and stack match. The Wall Paneling Division at Dayoris provides both do it yourself applications and made to order applications. For more information please visit us here wall paneling for more details.

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The Benefits of Modern Pocket Doors.



Triple Pocket doors Miami.jpg

"Architects and interior designers use modern pocket doors to give a space a new level of sophistication"

Pocket doors are well known for being space savers and for their use as closet and bathroom entry doors. Today’s modern style pocket doors are more sophisticated, elegant, and can be used for more applications. They are simple, functional, and can be exquisite. They can be manufactured in a variety of colors and sizes, and maximize space. Pocket doors disappear into the wall, hidden, until they are needed. These doors use a sliding track system to glide smoothly in and out of position. Interestingly, pocket doors have been used since the 19th Century, the Victorian era. Victorian style is defined by a mixture of Middle Eastern and Asian influences and was prevalent in the U.S. from 1860 through the 1900’s. Pocket doors play an important role in transport vehicles, and are used in yachts, planes, trains and buses. They allow you to conserve vital space in high traffic areas and keep the area free and clear in case of an emergency. The Modern Pocket doors are not just confined to a bathrooms and closets anymore. Architects and interior designers use modern pocket doors to give a space a new level of sophistication. Modern Pocket doors are not limited to a specific size, location, or even texture. The world of interior design has open the door to the Modern Pocket doors and can now bean integral part modern or contemporary decor. Renovation projects (as opposed to New Construction) may have modifications that need to made in order to install Modern Pocket doors. There are significant infrastructure issues when installing a modern pocket door. The adjacent space where the pocket door will be installed must be clear of pipes and electrical wires. Adding a pocket door to a new addition or new construction is a much simpler task. There are specialists like Dayoris Doors that can help with installation and design of your pocket door. Dayoris specializes in Italian designs and uses Italian hardware with their products. The quality of a modern pocket door is determined by the quality of the materials used to construct the door. Those who are not familiar with construction or with pocket doors should not manufacture or install a modern pocket door. Improper installation of pocket doors can damage the door, the flooring, an make for a door that is difficult to use. Rely on professionals like Dayoris Doors for your modern pocket door needs.

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What are the different kinds of modern interior doors?


A door is a moving object used to block off, or allow access to a space. There are a lot of different types of Interior doors; pivot doors, sliding doors, invisible doors, frameless doors, floor to ceiling doors, and barn doors. Every interior door has its own unique feature and its specific application. The pivot door is best used in open wide spaces because the usage of the pivot mechanism allows it to be longer than other doors. Sliding doors and pocket doors are best used in limited spaces because the sliding mechanism allows the door to move from left to right without taking any swing space.

"There are doors who play more of an aesthetic purpose rather than functional purpose."

The barn door has both features aesthetic and functional, it is a beautiful door that can apply to a very limited space. There is also the invisible door, these doors primary feature is to hide the entrance to the room. There are doors who play more of an aesthetic purpose other than functional purpose. These are the case of the floor to ceiling doors and frameless doors. These types of doors are selected by for their look and style primarily. In any case the door type you select has to meet your criteria for both functionally and how great it looks.

DAYORIS DOORS manufactures modern pivot doors, modern sliding doors, modern pocket doors, modern invisible doors, modern frameless doors, floor to ceiling door, and barn doors. All doors manufacture by Dayoris Door use Italian hardware, the highest quality materials in the market and great customer service interaction. Dayoris Doors uses qualify individuals that understand drawing, rendering, codes, interior design and architecture.

Pivot Door Miami.jpg
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Modern closet doors need to be in your priority list for upgrades


Modern Closet Doors2 .jpg

“Discerning individuals who know they deserve the best that money can buy choose Dayoris for their closet doors.”

Modern closet design is desirable for both its style and functionality.  Luxury homeowners demand for minimalist and stylish built in cabinetry. There are numerous reasons why Dayoris Modern Closets and Closet Doors are the perfect choice for the designer home. Amazing styles, great finishes, and beautiful doors are all reasons to upgrade the areas where you keep some of your most valuable assets. Modern Barn Doors are another great option for your closet doors. They are stylish and, open or closed, they continue to beautify your home. Options like Modern Pocket Doors, Modern Invisible doors, Modern Frameless Doors and even Modern Bi-fold Doors can be used as closet doors

Modern Closet Doors barn doors.jpg  

“Add value to your real estate with upgraded closet doors and cabinetry”  

Modern design is a current and growing trend among architects and interior designers. Builders who have been successful at accomplishing this have a waiting list for new projects.  Modern custom home builders are flourishing, as sales for new homes have increased every year, according to CNBC. For those not looking to build a new house and want to achieve the minimalist look, there is DAYORIS DOORS, who specializes in the custom modern closets and custom modern cabinets. Their line is European, from Italy. They are the finest with regards to quality, customer satisfaction and lead time. There is a lack of reliable suppliers in the market. DAYORIS DOORS offers quality and longevity.   Refer to the pictures these beautiful Modern Closets and Closet Doors to further appreciate the style and unique designs. 

There are other modern closet door options that are more cost effective but do not deliver the level of quality or customer satisfaction you get from Dayoris Doors. There is the self-installation products. Good luck with the instructions! There is the online market who has a wide selection but lack the feel and touch aspect of a showroom. There is also the option to order the cabinets from a company in Italy that will take no less than 6 months to deliver. By the way you have to find someone to install the custom furniture when it arrives to the States. Therefore call Dayoris Doors have them build you your dream modern closet doors and live happily ever after.

Discerning individuals who know they deserve the best that money can buy choose Dayoris for their closet doors. For more information for Modern Closet Doors and custom cabinets please visit www.dayoris.com

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Double Pivot Doors...Simply Amazing!



pivot door double Dayoris Doors article edited.jpg

The pivot door is great option for architects who specialize in modern and contemporary style homes and want to provide a “wow” look to a large room entrance. They are loved by designers because they remove some of the restrictions placed by normal swing doors like the size of the door and the space required for opening. The door has a sleek design that provides a unique look to any room. They work by rotating in a pivot box as supposed to hinges, the rotation of the door comes from the center of the frame of the door. The location of the pivot point it’s what provides this door with it’s unique look. The pivot door pins are the mechanism that make the door spins and the pins are located on the top and the bottom of the door frame. Modern Pivot doors could be very expensive but they bring a luxurious feel and look unmatched by any other door type. The door can be constructed with most standard door materials and their limitation can come from the size of the door and not the materials. The only drawback to the pivot doors are the quality of the pivot box that can sometimes make the door warp explained, Woodworkers Co. The installation of the pivot door is very important since one degree of the mark can greatly reduce the longevity of the pivot box. Dayoris Doors manufactures and installs custom pivot doors built with Italian materials. It is very important to have your installers experienced with proper guidelines of pivot door installation. Dayoris Doors offer a wide selection of door finishes and are known to use Italian hardware for most of their products. In the case the pivot door is not your “cup of tea” Dayoris Doors also manufactures and installs modern Italian pocket doors, modern sliding doors, elevator door refacing, modern barn doors and Italian sliding doors. We would like to thank Sergio Gomez  for the wonderful images. For more information about Italian moderns doors and custom Italian doors please visit www.Dayoris.com   

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Sliding Doors Provide a Unique Touch to Open Spaces


"This is a great representation of how to use your doors to complement the space and make it functional."

The Modern style emphasizes in open spaces and simplicity.  In this picture we can see a set of sliding doors who provide a unique and enticing touch to the kitchen/living room area. The doors are constructed of glass with with a wood frame. The railing mechanism is recessed in a frame creating this wonderful floating effect to the door. Sliding doors are great idea to give an open space more character and create a sub-space in a open room. There is also a pocket door effect with this particular system which means the doors hide in the wall. This is a great representation of how to use your doors to complement the space and make it functional. Another beautiful aspect of this set up is the cabinets in the kitchen, they are custom built with the same finish as the door. Cabinets are also a great addition to upgrade as we can see from the picture, the cabinets are custom built and keep the modern style throughout the room. DAYORIS DOORS manufactures custom sliding doors, custom furniture and wall paneling from Italian materials. All our products represent the highest quality that money can buy. 

Interior Sliding Door kitchen.jpg

Barn Doors are now a Staple in High-End Properties

Barn Door Miami Dayoris Doors.jpg


"The Modern Barn Doors are very attractive and seductive providing a level of refinement that very few individuals can afford."

The barns are as much part of American history as apple pies. These structures were vital to our first settlers as they provided storage for food. Now, these structures are not as prevalent as before but the barn doors seem to be picking up steam with designers and architects. Barn doors are attractive, rustic, unique and provide space saving factors. There are different versions, the old wood version still present with us and is consider a classic version. There is also a contemporary version of the barn doors which updates the railing mechanism and the material on which it's build. There is also the modern barn doors which have newer style railing system and can be manufacture of any material.

The Modern Barn Doors are very attractive and seductive providing a level of refinement that very few individuals can afford.  The Modern Barn doors have also upgraded their hardware with less exposure to the railing system and more focus on the actual material which the door is build. One down aspect to barn doors are the locking mechanism, the locking mechanism for a barn door is almost non existence. This is due to the proportion of the door and the way the door is manufacture. Now in days barn doors are use for interior purpose only. In the case of the railing mechanism the barn doors are now hiding their railing systems. This have brought up a new terms for these sliding doors "ghost doors". Regardless of the choice and the budget you want to spend the modern barn door will leave a "wow" factor on whoever sees it. Dayoris Doors are a manufacture of custom barn doors and "ghost doors". Dayoris Doors has perfected the system and are adding features that once were imaginable. You can find out more by visiting www.dayoris.com. Dayoris covers the whole country with installers in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. For more information about a locations please visit Dayoris Doors contact page.

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Beautiful Modern Style in a beautiful modern house

  Pivot Door.jpeg


Glass Pivot Door

This is a great example of an interior modern door design by Eric Kant. We have two door options that couldn't be anymore different if their goal was to make them as opposite to each other as possible. We have a pivot door made of glass door and we also have a wood door with a flush frame. These doors from the image can be perceived as if they were going to touch each other but that is not the case. The wood door has a door stop system implemented into the frame which is invisible. The door casing it’s flush against the wall, giving it a sleek high-end look. The choice of wood next to glass it’s a great representation of modern art at its best.




Modern Swing Door with flush frame

In the other hand we have a wood door with a beautiful ochre cherry, this is a great color and it's a perfect match for a modern style home. The use of light colors with light wood it’s a clear indication of modern style. The hardware also looks to be modern with a simple entry set system. No locking mechanism thus the door must be for a closet or a bathroom. This door could be manufactured with Italian hardware and European craftsmanship. The door uses a stopping system that it’s embedded to the invisible frame.


wood-grain-door flush frame.jpeg  
  Both of these examples are great examples of what DAYORIS DOORS can manufacture, we especialize in Italian doors but we also can manufacture any interior modern door in the market right now. We have over 30 years of combine experience in designing manufacturing and installing doors. Our company takes pride in the quality of the finnish products and make sure the customers is left with a "WOW" face or we will not leave the job. For more information about the house itself and the designer please visit here. In the case this is the feeling you are looking for you can visit our site at www.dayoris.com or by calling at 305-572-0707.     

Modern Interior Doors vs Contemporary Interior Doors: What's best for my home?


Modern vs Contemporary image.jpg

The usage of modern doors vs contemporary doors is dictated by the room style and there is no rule anywhere (that I know of) that says that it can not be mixed. Contemporary design means "right now".  This style uses current trends and it can borrow some aspects from other styles and designs. I think that is the simplest defenition that I can come up with. There has been a lot of confusion in the difference between both styles and it is evident by the amount of the articles that can be found online about the difference in both. What is interesting, is the fact that depending on the the writer of the article and their closeness to academia you might find a different definition of Modern vs Contemporary. As I was doing research to answer this question once and for all (at least for me). There was an article that someone commented "our professor states contemporary does not use wood". I don't really know how to explain that comment but if it's true that would exclude a lot of houses of the contemporary definition. 


What makes more sense?


In the case of the modern door styles, they can be describe as clean and plain. Interior modern doors use a lot of bright materials as light woods, leather and linen. Modern interior doors could have a visual effect that makes them look off the ground. This allows for the room to feel as if is very spacious and inviting. In terms of the color, modern interior doors use cold colors with a blend of warm and natural neutral colors. Modern interior doors also are designed with strong straight lines as opposed to the curvier factors of the  contemporary doors. Another factor that is very popular about modern interiors are the molded plywood, plastic and polished materials. A factor that complements modern interiors are the bare floors that go very well with the white or lighter wall colors.

In the case of contemporary, it is as simple to say if you used a style that is currently trending you have a contemporary style. I would not say that contemporary is the opposite of modern because is is not. These two styles are not independent of each other.

DAYORIS DOORS makes modern interior doors and it has been in business for over 15 years. They are one of the only Italian door manufactures in the United States. DAYORIS has different styles of doors like, pocket doors, pivot doors, modern doors, sliding doors and frameless doors. They can be found in www.dayoris.com and they have a good gallery of images which display their portfolio of work and expertise.


Contemporary door example.jpg
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DAYORIS Floor to Ceiling doors give a "wow" factor to any room.

Well-designed doors deliver unexpected ambiance to a room. Vaulting from floor to ceiling, a door lying flush with the adjacent wall elevates the height of an entire room. Modern doors finished the same as adjoining walls extend the flat plane of the wall giving way to a vision of a larger room. The clean look of the floor to ceiling doors alllow people to admire the wall desing and the beutiful floors.

Sleek modern doors installed against a rustic wooden floor exude the sophisticated ambiance of Rustic Modernism.Dayoris manufactures doors like fine custom furniture. The precision workmanship will be appreciated every time you walk into or out of a room. Interior doors are a dynamic component of your home that should be functional as well as enjoyed on a daily basis. For more information please visit our Floor to Ceiling door page. 

visit us at www.dayoris.com for more information.
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Technical Knowledge


DAYORIS Technical Knowledge


Every single DAYORIS employee has a particular technical know-how that contributes to the creation of each and every new project. Our centralized system consist of many individuals, all set with many different ideas working in exceeding their capabilities of what is possible. In the world of design, trying new concepts it's a necessary step that allows for the creation of brand new approaches to be though off. Rethinking what it possible is highly difficult but our employees are more than capable at producing products that the world has never seen.

In addition, imagination is one key tool that we use one any new project. We drive new concepts from anywhere we are at, which helps us create astonishing works of art just take a glance at our gallery of modern doors. Our products are made to speak for themselves, and it will attract your taste like a magnet.

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Complete Door Package


All of DAYORIS modern doors are offer in a complete door package containing all the tools needed for the project. For instance, with the purchase of our products customers will received the correct handles, invisible hinges, magnetic locks, door frame, and finally their incredible Italian doors. Our packaging mechanism has been an evolving task which has been obtaining extra tools within the years to improve the final result.

Including everything necessary in a simple to understand package it's an unbelievable challenge. However, this is a challenge that we have conquer and also directly assist to revolutionize the entire industry and it's techniques. Helping new customers with their projects is always an assignment that we are ready for.

  DAYORIS Complete Door Package


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Immediate Customer Assistance


DAYORIS Customer


Quick assistance to our customers is an ongoing task that we take into action daily. We are at the disposal of our customers for any questions or concerns that they may have regarding their project. We always have a direct line of communication established for both the customer and project manager, this creates a smooth process in where information can be transfer quickly. It not only makes us job easier to manage, but at the same time it gives customers peace of mind.

Our rapid response time to upcoming, existing and brand new projects is unmatchable. We deliver an experience that is constantly being thoughtfully monitor and improved with each new project.

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Accuracy and Precision


Our world state of the art door manufacturing shop contains top industry tools that help our team create our full line of Italian doors. The tools that DAYORIS uses for each and every one of our doors are made to built high detail doors with maximum precision. With this amount of precision, we are able to create really clever and unique designs that will surely amaze customers.  We have invested a large amount of resources in acquiring machinery that can help our team enlarge the design possibilities.

Our tools are essentials to the creation of every single product that we offer customers. Each of the tools have a special use and when we use all them by side it makes it viable to create great designs which are only possible by DAYORIS.

  DAYORIS Precision Tools


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Unlimited Possibilities & Designs


DAYORIS Design Possibilities


They are millions of possibilities when designing doors, DAYORIS drives to make every single door as unique as possible.  We use a selection of tools that helps us build new designs, and open the possibilities to infinite new ideas. One of the things that we enjoy doing to doors is adding stainless steel grooves either horizontally or vertically. By doing so we can accomplished many things such as adding extra dimensions into the state of the doors.

Moreover, we also like to add glass segments through the door covering small to large parts of the entire door. Adding a fresh set of extra options offers customer more choices when choosing their doors. Also, by adding this additional tools to our modern doors we obtain a great way to expand what we can accomplished.

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Control Your Space


DAYORIS grants customers full control over the entire process of a project, from basic draft to the final production. We recognizes that your input is highly valuable and essential. Do to this we made it incredible simple for our customers to work directly with our highly trained project managers. Customers are welcome to share their vision for their interior home with us, so that we can produce a product that is identical to your dreams.

Before creating the final piece, project managers meet with customer and go over the project to make sure everything it's correct. During this process, customers can introduced their own concepts and general direction of where they want the project to go. 

  DAYORIS Customers Input


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Entry Door Refacing


DAYORIS Entry Door Refacing


Your condo entry door is the first thing your guest get to see, before walking in. Being able to impress anyone from the very first step to your condo can only be achieve with our refacing solutions. Our service evolves the use of your old fashioned door, stripping it to it's bare bones and transforming it into a one of a kind piece.  This is the perfect solution to your designer needs that will make a huge statement to all your guest, family members, and friends.

Once were are finish with our service, customers would not belief that those are truly their old entry doors. They cannot imaging the impact that our service will make to your condo or home, because it would be an unexpected surprise with a fresh breath of air.

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Pure Innovation


At DAYORIS we are constantly innovating in new ideas and demolishing old paradigms to create one of a kind experiences. Our philosophy of design is to keep improving every aspect of our Italian doors by trying things that no one else has bother to try. Since the very beginning of our company we have made it our prime goal to provide the finest products in the industry. All of this is only possible because of our strong foundation of ideals that we have established in the heart of DAYORIS.

Our company values helps us strive for the best quality of work, that we can possibly accomplished. None of our ideas are solely static, instead they are continually evolving and taking new forms in each new project.

  DAYORIS Door Innovation


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The Before and After


DAYORIS Before and After


Our solution guarantees that your doors miles away once we complete our refacing process and patented Laminating Solution. Our services outperforms any of our customers expectation while also pushing what is possible to brand new heights. DAYORIS solutions are made to impact your entire interior and bring new concepts that you never taught they were possible. We can guarantee that you will be astonish to see your doors come to life.

Taking your old pair of doors out of it's old style has been a fascinating challenge that we have successfully accomplished over the years. Our creative team are eagerly waiting to add our philosophy an ideals of modern design into your doors.

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Project Time Frames


Project time frames vary from project to project based on many different factors such as amount of doors, type of furniture, and the over all design. However, DAYORIS always tries to get your doors from assembly to your interior home in a timely matter of 4 to 5 weeks. We are constantly trying to stream line the entire process, making it even simpler for us to deliver our products to customers in a shorter amount of time.

A fast delivery to customer is an essential factor that is one of our top priorities in all projects. From idea to actual delivery has been in our list of top priorities, which we continue to work on and improve with every new project.

  DAYORIS Hotel Doors


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Modern Doors For All Settings


DAYORIS Commercial and Residential


Both commercial and residential project settings are handle with the same high standard materials, precision equipment, and durable hardware. All our teams are trained to handle both settings with the same level of quality, insuring the contemporary doors are made to surpass our quality assurance checks. Although, commercial and residential doors may sometime have a differential design, we still assemble them with the same philosophy in mind.

Our high standards will never be lowered, in contrary we keep improving over all experiences throughout all our services and products alike. We constantly push beyond our very own limits and strive to offer the best to all types of customers including commercial and residential projects.

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Los Angeles Doors


Los Angeles is a beautiful city in where we have a strong demand to our products by various customers. With over 10 years of shipping our modern doors based on a philosophy of simplicity and high-end luxury. Our Los Angeles customers are incredible delighted with our selection of Italian doors that we have to offer.  Been able to offer our products to customers in other states is great way to expand our brand and bring new life into their homes.

Moreover, over the years we have made the process of working with customers in Los Angeles very simple and dynamic. Our established operations, tools and project managers will make the entire process seamless, so you will not even noticing that we are thousands of miles away.

  DAYORIS Los Angeles Doors  


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Ready to Export


DAYORIS Exporting to the entire world


No matter where you are in the world, DAYORIS is capable of having your magnificent designer doors shipped with all the necessary tools, hardware, and instructional manuals, right to your very own home. We have several partnerships with mailing companies that directly helps us deliver your doors the most efficient and in the the fastest time possible. With the help our partners we have consistently shipped doors, to Brazil, San Francisco, and even France.

Every shipped door is secure correctly using various methods to avoid any accidental damages during the shipping process. In addition, all shipped projects come with a tracking number where customer are able to track the order from shipping to the actual delivery.

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Designer Hotel Doors


Hotels doors are made using our unique Laminating Solution and technical techniques. Besides offering a modern look and upscale design, it also provides fire rated protection against accidental fire hazards. This particular doors are always in high demand because it provides a large amount of luxury to not only the inside of the rooms but also the hotel hallways, ready to impress all customers.

We are constantly working with Miami's most high-end hotels, supplying them with the highest quality doors and helping them achieve a new level of design. Hotel's are welcome to contact us directly to setup a meeting in where we can illustrate the different possibilities.

  DAYORIS Hotel Doors


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Share Your Experience!


DAYORIS Social Media


We welcome all our customer to email us, message us on Facebook, and tweet us about your experience with our products and services. Our team enjoys hearing all your feedback and we look forward to reading through each and ever one of them. DAYORIS takes customer service crucial, and as a direct result we take customers suggestions very seriously. Customers ideas is what has shaped and made our company such a success, and for this we are extremely thankful for.

Moreover, we also love to interact with customers in any way we can, including different social networks. Social media is very efficient tools that helps us answer questions and inform customers of our brand. We will never stop interacting with customers, because it's our mission to achieve a direct line of communication with every single one of them.

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DAYORIS Customer Catalog


Our comprehensive and informative catalog offers customers with all the necessary information on each of our door products. When creating this catalog, we made sure to include all the essential details that a customers may be wondering about.  As you read through our catalog you will notice that each page is specially design to illustrate our current line of products but also detail information about all our services.

In addition, we also made included all the features found in our complete door package. Making it straight forward for customers to understand our brand, products and service were the main goals behind our catalog, so take a brief second and see it for yourself!.

  DAYORIS Catalog


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Project Managers


DAYORIS Project Managers


DAYORIS is equip with a team of talented project managers, eager to help make your idea a reality. Our team is not only experience, but also very determine at providing the highest customer service possible. Their tasks consist of measuring the doors, helping  you choose the correct styles, finishes, hardware. Additionally, they are also ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, on your particular project.

All of your needs will be fulfill with the guidance and support of our valuable team. They will assist you throughout the entire project, and make sure the project it's complicated smoothly and in a timely matter. They are highly capable and are sure to help you bring new life into your modern home or condo space.

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South Florida Location


DAYORIS showroom and assembly factory are located in our sunshine state of Florida, helping us transform customers homes a step at a time. Our services and products are available to areas from West Palm Beach, Doral, Kendall, all the way to Key Biscayne. Constantly expanding our services to new areas of Miami is one of our main objects and we will continue to spread our brand to every South Florida home. 

At DAYORIS, we enjoy our Miami location because it gives us an area enrich with designers, contractors, and amazing customer's who are looking for a unique set of modern doors. We can't say enough of how proud we are to be in Miami, a place full of modern styles and designs.

  DAYORIS Miami Location


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Fire Rated Solution


Fire Rated Doors


Fire entry doors are essential to all condos, adding the maximum protection and defense against fire hazards. Our fire rated doors can be obtain in 20, 60, and 90 minute ratings which will guard your indoor space from an unexpected fire. All of our door are created using our patented Laminating Solution which helps provide customer with the highest safety ratings. We can assure you that your doors that will surpass all of your building fire rating requirements.

Additionally, we also like to focus on the design of the doors so the customers is able choose between different, styles, textures, and colors for your fire-rated door. We strive to not only deliver a stylish product but also one that can withstand any fire incidents.

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Quality Italian Materials


We are determine to make the best doors that we possibly can, by using the best Italian materials. All of our materials constantly analysis and only keep the high quality materials that pass our various checks. By making sure that all our materials are up too our highest standards we can proceed to create quality products. As mention before, our materials are shipped from Italy and assemble in our Miami factory.

The materials are handed very carefully throughout the entire shipping process, making sure that the quality and condition are persistent. We wouldn't be able to build this beautiful doors without the quality of the materials that we used today.

  DAYORIS Quality Italian Materials


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In-Home Consultation


In-Home Consultation


Our in home-consultation service is design to deliver all the necessary information to all clients at no cost. Our expert project managers will show up at your project location and help you choose the correct design and style for your particular project. Afterwards, they will acquired all the necessary measurements and work with our assembly team to begin production process of the project.

Moreover, we also guide clients on choosing the correct door types,hardware, and finish for their projects. Giving our customers all the necessary tools they need to choose the correct pair of doors it's a crucial process for us. To set up your in-home consultation, please give a call or fill out the form found here.

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Showcasing Our Portfolio


Here at DAYORIS we are extremely proud of all our past projects, and a result we enjoy showcasing our projects to future clients and designers alike. Not only does it help them see our quality of work with their very own eyes, but it also it's a great way to deliver ideas and what it's possible to create. Aspiring our customer to new ideas can be difficult sometime; however, with our approach we can guarantee that they will indeed find a style they enjoy.

Furthermore, our complete portfolio contains a wide range of designs, styles, and door types. To us us not two projects are the same, and we are consistently trying new ideas on current projects. So take a brief second and view our portfolio, and see what DAYORIS can create for you.

  DAYORIS Portfolio
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Kitchen Refacing


DAYORIS Kitchen Refacing


For a cost effective way to remodel your kitchen we encourage our customers to a refacing of the entire kitchen. By refacing your kitchen you will upgrade the design and style while also not having to purchase a new set of cabinets which can be quite expensive. Our patented Laminating Solution allow us to reface your kitchen in a short amount of time while delivering an end product that will surpass any expectations.

We even offer the option to use a variety of finishes, wood veneers, and texture in your refacing project. Giving you a simple way to add your input and make your particular project as unique as possible. Our service is ready to transform your kitchen into the modern world of design, so give us a call.

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Green Initiative


DAYORIS is very aware of the environment, we strive to decrease our carbon footprints by using a variety of methods. Even our manufacturing factory is based on this kinds of concepts, which are to use every material as efficiently as possible. We consider ourselves a very dynamic company who cares a lot about the environmental impacts happening today. Our main strategy is to create a process in which we can safely dispose of waste, save energy, and reuse materials.

We go through this types of processes because our hearts and minds all know that what were doing is the correct thing. We only have one Earth, and the best thing we could all do is protected from any environmental harms that man kind can possibly accomplished.

Going Green

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Invisible Doors


Invisible doors provides maximum simplicity and style to all interiors. They are made to be merge well with the overall entire design, making them highly difficult to spot. This doors will have your and your guest speechless when trying to find the exit.  Integrating our invisible doors with your interior is what we strive to achieve at DAYORIS. Your interior space will never look the same after our doors integrate with the design and color of your walls.

Make your transition from room to room a seamless experience with the installation of our highly modern invisible doors. Offering a quality design that will directly interact with your home on various levels. Your home can only be truly modern with our collection of invisible doors, which offer a great deal of transparency.

  Invisible Doors


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Custom Cabinets


DAYORIS Custom Cabinets


Aside from creating one of a kinds furniture's, and modern Italian doors, we also enjoy creating specialized cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry are specially made to be easily accessible, with a great deal of detail and design behind the structure. Everything start at our Miami factory, in where we carefully craft your custom made cabinetry to your specific measurements, finish, and design. Using our selection of quality materials we can achieve a product made exclusively to your individual space.

Our facility was constructed intentionally to produce the highest quality of products that we can possibly achieve. All our tools and materials help us create exclusive high quality designs to each and every customer. Your mornings will never be the same with our cabinetry service, that's ready to light up your life.

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Our staff is made up of highly skillful door designers, installers, and door specialist ready to make your dream doors come true. The teams are assemble in such a way  in which they can deliver a project in a timely matter and succeed in their tasks. By intentionally assembling this types of teams makes it possible to create a seamless experience for all our customers in all projects. Therefore, we can guarantee that our customer experience will be smooth from the very beginning to the end. 

Furthermore, team members are chosen and gather into a group, depending on customers project. We choose specific groups base on the project in hand, which results in a specialized unit for your specific needs.

  DAYORIS Professional Installers


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Featured Yatch Club Project




Today we are featuring one of our some successful projects based on Miami Beach. This particular project consist of custom wall paneling, couple of hidden doors, and brand new set of custom Italian doors. Our main goal for this project was to enhance the interior by using our simple design philosophy throughout the entire project.

In addition, we also our modern hardware to complement the look of the new doors. By using stainless steel handles, and invisible hinges we were be to achieve a truly modern look. The project resulted vast our customer expectations, which is our main goal. Check our portfolio to see the complete set of photos of this special project.

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Who We Are


DAYORIS is the leader in creating modern Italian doors, all throughout South Florida and other cities around the United States. We constantly strive to provide our customers an incredible experience, and an amazing end product that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Replacing your doors with our collection of modern doors, is set to enhance the overall look of your interior space. Our upscale products and services are specially design to overhaul the way you see your home.

Furthermore, our team of craftsmanship designers are constantly brain storming new design ideas for each project. By doing so, we can guarantee that your project will be based on an exclusive design based on your specific needs.

  DAYORIS Trade Shows


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Elevator Refacing


Modern Elevator Door Refacing


Elevator refacing is a great way to impact the look of your office, which in return will make your customers estactic.  Our team of experts designers will help you transform your old looking elevator door into a complete modern style elevator doors. The amount of elegance that your new elevator doors will received is unamagiable.

Our service will provide a range of textures and colors to choose from, so that your project is as unique as possible.Our design ideas are made using the most modern techniques avilable, quality materials, and Italian inspired designs. All boundle up into an amazing package that is sure to produce a product that's up to our high standards, and which also outperforms our customers espectations. Our goals are set really high,a nd we make sure that each and every project is completely one of a kind.

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DAYORIS is always in the process of innovating, we have an open partnerships with many companies that help us improve our services. We believe that having different partnerships in all industries is very important, because it helps us enhance our products to to all customers.

Additionally, we also enjoy working closely with contractors and designers all over South Florida in renovation projects. Working closely with other professionals is always a great way to create new projects using unique ideas and concepts. Consequently , we are able to provide unparalleled quality in all our projects.

  DAYORIS Trade Shows


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Wall Paneling Systems


Modern Wall Paneling Systems


Wall Paneling is one of our most successful services that we currently offer to our customer. Our wall paneling system consist of various finishes and the highest quality materials that we can positively offer. In addition, our panels are made to be simple to install so we can assure that the installation can be completed in a short amount of time. Our lead times with our wall paneling installations are made to done in a small time frame.

Furthermore, we also provide a wide variety of styles such as designs with black strips, stainless steel strips or none at all. By doing so we can offer large amount of options to customers to choose for their home or office project. As a result, we can guarantee that we will have the perfect wall panels for you.

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Custom Furniture


Here at DAYORIS, not only do we specialized in creating designer doors but we also enjoy creating unique custom made furniture's of all different types. For instance, we create custom desks, libraries, TV stands, and much more. All made to our customers specific needs and ideas, to enhance the over all look of their interior space.

The building of custom furniture consist of using the same high quality materials and hardware that we use in our Italian doors. By doing so we can guarantee to all customer that they will obtain a quality identical to ou collection of contemporary doors. This gives us many advantage such as been able reproduced quality products across the board to all customers.

  DAYORIS Custom Furniture


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DAYORIS Miami Shop


The DAYORIS shop consist of our highly experience assembly team, whose work is to construct your dream doors. Not only are they highly skillful workers, but they also have a lot of knowledge, and an immense amount of creativity to offer.  We are proud to have a team of skillful craftsmanship, which help us create the most unique European doors.

Moreover, we also have a range of quality tools and Italian materials that benefit the overall look of the final design. We also proceed with periodic product insurance checks to make sure all our products meet the quality that we strive to meet. The entire team its equipped with all the necessary tools at their disposal to create the most stylish contemporary doors you will ever see.


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Quality Hardware


Modern hardware are a great addition to Italian doors, not only adding luxury but also simplicity and comfort. Our designer hardware consist of handles, door stops, and entry sets, available in all different finishes. For instance, our handles are available in chrome and stainless steel finishes, specially made to complement each of your interior doors.

In addition, we also design our hardware to adapt to any contemporary Italian doors by taking in account many different factor even before the manufacturing of the hardware. As a result, we can create hardware that's ready to be added to your doors, no matter the finish of design of the doors.

Entry Sets, Stainless Steel Handel's, and Modern Deadbolts Locks

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Commercial Division


Large scale projects are one of our most famous services that we perform for condos, offices, and hotel elevators. Our services consist of various features such as the installation of custom fire doors, elevator cladding, entry door refacing, and elevator cab refacing. This different services have been specially design to vastly enhance the view of all your doors and elevators.

Additionally, we also have a large group of professional door installers ready to manage your project and install your select designer doors, so there is not a single project that we cannot manage. Besides, our experience team will work closely with your ideas and walk you through the entire process until the project has been completed to your specific needs. Lastly, our goal is to make your vision come to life, and as a result we are determine to provide the superior package needed to transform your space.

  DAYORIS Commercial Division


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Selection of Modern Doors


DAYORIS Doors offers a wide variety of modern Italian doors in different finishes, designs and sizes. We believe that having a selection of doors is important, because it gives customers a  diversity of options to choose from. In addition, we also enjoy creating unique designs for each of our customer, so not one door is ever the same to us. Furthermore, we also provided doors for every situation; such as frameless doors, bi-fold doors, invisible doors, and many more.

Doors provide not only security and privacy, but also a great deal of design to homes and office interiors. Each contemporary door we offer is very different than the rest, and we constantly work with our clients and designers to continue creating superior designs. As a result, customers are continually obtaining the finest doors that we can created.

Door Collection

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Welcome to DAYORIS Blog


DAYORIS Doors Showroom


DAYORIS Doors is focus in providing only highest quality doors in Miami. Our modern doors are build only the using the highest quality hardware and materials. Our door hardware is available in many designs in both stainless steel and chrome finishes. In addition, we also provide a variety of finishes to choose from thus providing a very unique Italian doors for each of our customers.

Furthermore, we also provide a very client friendly service in which we work closely with customers and designers to create the correct designer door for your home. Satisfaction is a very important factor, so we are constantly striving to improve our customer experience. Providing the best customer service and a collection of quality products is what makes us the #1 company in the United States.

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Blog Posts

  DAYORIS Doors is focus in providing only highest quality doors in Miami. Our modern doors are build only the using the highest quality hardware and materials. Our door hardw.....

DAYORIS Doors offers a wide variety of modern Italian doors in different finishes, designs and sizes. We believe that having a selection of doors is important, because it gives customers a  diver.....

Large scale projects are one of our most famous services that we perform for condos, offices, and hotel elevators. Our services consist of various features such as the installation of cus.....

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