Dayoris Millwork Division designs, manufactures and installs custom furniture to include cabinets, vanities, closets, desk and wall units. All our manufacturing is completed in-house and we utilized materials from Europe with U.S. manufacturing standards. Dayoris provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and are considered the standard when it comes to completion within time and within budget. We are experts at bring your imagination to reality. For more information please contact us here.

Elevator Cab Renovation by DAYORIS Doors. Upgrade the most important room in your building.


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"The replacement system is very cost effective and leaves a long lasting impression on people that visit the property"

Elevator Cladding is the process of upgrading the look of the elevator doors without replacing the physical elevator itself. Elevator Cladding can provide an upgrade to the most important room in the property. Everyone in the property has to enter the elevator usually more than once during day. The usual time people spend in an elevator is between 2 and three minutes. For new tenants or visitors the elevator is a marketing piece. The materials and design can determine the opinion of the visitors and leave a long-lasting opinion of the management. The elevator also shows the dedication the management of the building has for their tenants. The best part of the elevator cladding is that is not a bank breaker. The replacement system is very cost effective and leaves a long lasting impression on people that visit the property. DAYORIS Doors provides a wide selection of designs and colors that are both high-end and long lasting. Another great benefit of elevator cladding is the time to completion. Usually after the design phase the system takes about one day to install. The downtime for the elevator is very limited and usually can be completed in a matter of hours. The properties that have upgraded the system have a great opinion of the service and the quality of the products, please see our reviews. For more information about elevator cladding please call DAYORIS Doors at 305-572-0707 or visit our commercial page for more information.

The Beautiful work of Dayoris Millwork Division

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In this example of custom millwork, we can appreciate the level of details used by Dayoris designers and manufactures. There is a lot of modern architecture applied to this bar. There is also LED's used to illuminate the floor and the inside of the bar. We also utilized different kinds of colors and textures as per the owner's request. To clearly understand the level of expertise we must come to a Dayoris Showroom and appreciate the level of attention to details and uncompromised work.



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