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Dayoris Doors manufactures and installs custom doors, flush doors, Italian doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, barn doors, invisible doors, ghost doors, frameless doors and pocket doors.  All our doors are built with Italian materials and use Italian hardware to complement the high quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Custom Interior Modern Doors by DAYORIS Doors

Custom Interior Modern Doors

“Satisfaction is the number one priority when building our custom interior doors”

Custom Italian Doors by Dayoris are the correct choice for high-end doors in the state of Florida. We use high-end materials imported from Italy and pair them with the high quality standards of America. Creating a product that is durable, sophisticated and looks beautiful to all the the people that have the privilege to own one.  The Italian hardware includes the hinges and locking mechanism.  The doors are made of compress LEED materials in order to reduce carbon footprint but still delivering a durable structure.  The door frame and casing are built using a patent process that makes them more durable and rigid than other alternatives.  The custom Italian doors by Dayoris have a large selection of Italian laminates and veneers to choose from as well as an unlimited amount of designs.  Our designs are not limited by a specific style because we leave the door open for the customer desires and imagination to design their own style.  The choice of designs are: flush, pivot, pocket, barn, closet, sliding, pocket standard and bi-fold.  Each style has the option of being personalized to their own like and taste.  For Dayoris Doors the most important factor is our customer satisfaction with our products and installation.  This is a statement that many customers agree with.  For more information on Dayoris Doors modern doors and custom doors please feel free to call us at 305-572-0707 or visit   


Flush Doors by DAYORIS, the unique just got better

“Flush Doors by DAYORIS Doors, increasing the elegance of your home”

Flush doors by Dayoris Doors are doors that sit flush with the frame and the wall. This style of door is very high-end due to to the work and the technology required to get the door to look like flush with the wall. One of the best features of this door is the seamless look the door provide when looking from the side of the door. Flush doors have a lot of benefits, for example it gives the room a much better clean look. It also provides better sound reduction and it allows for the room to have a seamless transition between the wall and the door. The flush door also provides a cleaner look than other doors because it allows the frame and the door to be flush with each other. If you are looking to purchase flush door the clear choice is Dayoris Doors. For more information please visit or call 305-572-0707


Custom Interior Doors by DAYORIS Doors

Custom Interior Doors

“DAYORIS Doors thrives to manufacture the best custom interior doors in the market”

Dayoris Doors designs, manufactures and install custom interior doors in Miami.  We have over 20 years of combined experience manufacturing and installing custom interior doors.  The following are door types sold by Dayoris Doors, pivot doors,barn doors, pocket doors, sliding doors, closet doors, modern interior doors and floor to ceiling doors.  The materials used by Dayoris Doors are high quality and imported from Europe.  The door slabs are made of composites that are LEED Certified because we are environmentally conscious.  The door slab is as good as wood and provides the same fire rating proof as regular doors.  Dayoris Doors can manufacture the doors with any requested style but their standard doors use Italian veneers and high-end quality laminates.  The custom interior doors manufacture by Dayoris Doors are an example of what american standards paired with European materials can be.  The company also sells wall panels that are of high-end quality at wholesale prices when bought by bulk.  Dayoris Doors also manufactures and installs custom cabinets using European hardware and designs.  Dayoris Doors is very well known in South Florida by contractors and interior designers because of their amazing custom interior doors.  For more information about Dayoris Doors products please call 305-572-0707 or visit for more information.

Flush with Wall System, an intimate relation between wall and door

“DAYORIS Doors uses premium materials and Italian hardware to make the flush with door system more elegant and durable”

The Flush With Wall system by Dayoris Doors is an elegant system that brings uniqueness and sophistication to any door space in the house.  The flush with wall doors system has other names like frameless doors or flush with wall doors and it really depends the region what will people call it.  Regardless of the name, the idea of placing an interior door flush against the wall is innovative and can be credited to the 1970’s housing boom.  Idea of doors flush with the wall was considered a high-end and very rare item in normal folks house this was due to the complexities of system.  As technological advances have improved in casings and frames for doors the system has improved and become more cost effective and easy to install.  The flush with wall door system still more expensive than a conventional door system but the improvements of the look and feel are dramatic and many will pay the additional funds to get the look in their house.  There are companies that are improving the current flush with wall system and adding the casing around it that is also flush with the wall.  This creates a look that the casing is flush with the wall and the door flush with the casing.  This flush with casing and wall are beautiful and innovative and it is the most current innovation of this system.  Dayoris Doors designs, manufactures and install flush with wall doors and flush with casing doors. Dayoris Doors uses premium materials and Italian hardware to make the door more elegant and durable.  Dayoris also manufactures floor to ceiling doors that uses the flush with the wall system.  Dayoris is working in making the flush with the wall system standard in all their products.  The flush with wall system can also be added to the pivot doors, closet doors, pocket doors and barn doors.  For more information please call 305-572-0707 or visit

Interior Sliding Doors by DAYORIS Doors

“The ghost doors provide the effect the door is floating because of the location of the railing system”

Dayoris Doors designs, manufactures and installs custom interior sliding doors.  These doors open horizontally by sliding in a railing system located on the ceiling, wall or the floor.  The latest models of interior sliding doors hide their railing system in the wall making the appearance of the door as if it was floating.  The interior sliding door system has multiple types of doors such as the pocket doors, bifold doors and barn doors.  Some of the most common areas we can find sliding doors are showers, conference rooms and wardrobes.  Dayoris interior sliding doors are built to meet the highest quality standards only using premium materials.  Dayoris Doors have a great reputation with their flush doors, JIB doors, barn doors, Italian doors and custom doors.  Dayoris Doors have their own version of sliding door called ghost doors.  The ghost doors give the effect to the door that is floating due to the location of the railing system.  Some of the benefits from the sliding doors are: seamless flow between the spaces, strong security mechanism, environmentally friendly, provide great natural light and great for space saving.  Dayoris manufactures our door using LEED certified materials, Italian hardware and American manufacturing standards. 

Elevator and Entry door Cladding by DAYORIS Doors

“Elevator Door Refacing, Entry Door Cladding and Wall Paneling provide sophistication and a high-end look that will upgrade your property ambience to another level”

Entry door cladding or refacing is the process of removing the old laminate or veneer from the existing entry door and applying a brand new veneer or laminate.  The veneer is a thin piece of wood that covers the door slab of the door.  This thin piece of veneer provides the look of the door and does not play any other role other than visual.  The benefits to refacing and entry door or elevator doors are visual and financial.  The visual benefit of cladding the entry doors is that any design or style can be added to the existing door and the options of colors and textures are very broad.  Dayoris Doors has a large selection of Italian veneers that are beautiful, high quality and unique on their texture and feel.  In the case of the financial, it is much cost effective to do refacing or cladding than replacing the whole doors.  The cost benefits are substantial over the long-run.  Dayoris Doors can also replace some of the hardware of the entry door providing a more high-end look and feel.  It is best to compliment the refacing with some wall paneling to enhance the overall ambiance and not just the entry door.  Most of our customers buy wall paneling to compliment the upgrade to their entry doors or elevator doors.  Elevators Doors are also a candidate for cladding and it’s also done in unison with the upgrade of the room itself. Dayoris Doors provides high-end elevator cladding, entry door refacing or cladding and wall paneling.

DAYORIS Doors – Your best choice for European Doors In FloridaEuropean Doors

“Construction experts state pocket doors can add over 8 feet of space to any room over standard swing doors.”

The pocket doors from Dayoris Doors are built to last with European materials and high-end Italian hardware.  We apply American quality standards to enhance the overall structure and longevity of all our products.  Dayoris Doors also thinks about the environment when manufacturing and that’s why we use LEED certify products when possible to reduce our carbon footprint.  Dayoris Doors is one of the leaders in selling European Doors in Florida, we give credit to our intense dedication to quality, customer service and meeting our commitments as a company.  One great example of European Doors in Florida are our beautiful European Pocket Doors.  The pocket door system has a lot of benefits, one of the most notable benefits of pocket doors is the space saving.  Construction experts state pocket doors can add over 8 feet of space to a room.  These doors are a great option for small spaces due to the rolling mechanism.  Regular swing doors take over 10 inch on average to work properly.  The pocket door system can also be used in a double pocket door system for wider spaces and to enhance the entrance of the room.  The pocket door is a great option if you are looking to update your interior doors to European doors in Florida. 

Italian Barn Doors – DAYORIS Doors Premium Custom Doors


The barn door has been in existence since the first pilgrims arrive to our country. Although a lot of time has gone by, they are still staple in some modern homes and barns alike.  Italian barn doors, as supposed to contemporary modern doors use a more modern approach to the railing system. The italian Barn Doors displays flat lines and the more subtle simplistic architecture. But this simplicity does not translate to a cheaper door, it is actually the opposite. The Italian Barn Doors have a more high-end look and feel due to the more expensive materials, the improvement in technology and the simplicity of the aesthetics.  The barn door rolling mechanism allows the door slab or door to move freely from left to right to either open or close. This style of door has great benefits like space saving, better aesthetics and longer longevity than their counterparts. Italian barn doors provide the same performance but the material and look of the doors is more sophisticated and better looking. The highlight of the Italian barn door has to be the railing system that holds and helps the door move freely. Italian barn doors give a unique look in any room  where they are located because the presentation of the door slab which usually has its own unique style to compliment the railing system. 

Modern Pivot Doors By DAYORIS Doors

“Pivot Doors Provide a Custom Unique look to your Favorite Room”

The modern pivot door by DAYORIS Doors provides all the unique features that Italian doors are known for here in the U.S.. We built our doors with a solid core that is also fire proof as per customer request and meet all LEED standards. The hardware for our pivot doors is imported from Italy and meet all U.S. standards for safety and manufacturing. DAYORIS Doors have the reputation to design and manufacture premium Italian doors. We have a great selection door finishes in either laminates or Italian veneers. The size of our pivot doors varied with each specific client and can be custom built to any specifications. For more information please visit or call us at 305-572-0707


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Interior Sliding Doors by DAYORIS Doors – Uniquely built for you!

“Modern Interior Sliding Doors provide benefits rarely match by any other door type”

The interior sliding doors by DAYORIS Doors are both high-end and functional. This example of a sliding door uses the natural Russian Olive Wood with great craftsmanship giving the room a seamless transition from one area to another. The sliding door opens horizontally and is usually located parallel to the wall of the room that it is closing. The rail system is located in the top of door with a track system at the bottom to guide the sliding door into the closure. There are interior sliding doors that are suspended from a track system in the ceiling. These give a feeling that the door is floating. DAYORIS Doors has a great selection of Italian sliding doors to choose from. We design, manufacture and install the following type of Italian sliding doors; pocket doors, bypass doors, modern sliding doors and modern closet doors. We have the capacity to manufacture any combination of custom sliding door to fit your taste. Interior sliding doors have great benefits to regular swing doors. For example, sliding doors require less space to operate and function. The best feature of the sliding doors has to be the aesthetics. Sliding doors are plain and simple, a beautiful upgrade to swing doors for spaces that can accommodate. To find out more about how to design your own unique custom interior sliding door please feel free to contact us anytime.  

Modern Interior Doors are the new norm in Modern Homes

DAYORIS modern Italian doors are manufactured with the highest quality materials and only using U.S. manufacturing standards. All our doors can be fire rated and are LEED certify. DAYORIS Doors hardware is imported from Italy and made to meet the highest quality standards in the market. We do not use materials that does not meet our stringent selection criteria.  We like to say “the best for the best” 
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