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Dayoris Wall Panels are the perfect choice for any room which needs a sophisticated upgrade. Our wall panels are constructed of high quality materials and have a broad choice of styles and textures. For people that chose to the it themselves, we have an array of information including videos to install and personalize your space. For more information please contact us at here

Why Wall Panels are the best choice for wall decoration!

Wall Paneling System Dayoris Doors Miami

“DAYORIS wall panels provide a clear choice of which wall decorator system is best for your walls.”

Dayoris Doors wall paneling system is both stylish and durable.  Wall panels systems have a lot of benefits over paint and wall paper. Some of these benefits are credited to technology advances and to increase materials manufacturing.  Wall panels can be used for inside applications and outside applications and the longevity of the wall panels still sustain over their old wall panels predecessors.  Some of the benefits of interior wall paneling are; high-tech materials, numerous design choices, minimal upkeep, better durability and easy installation.  High-tech Materials like MDF are a great advantage for wall paneling system, MDF is medium density fiberboard.  MDF is made of small wood fibers that are compressed to form a board  like wood, these boards are high density, long lasting and very smooth giving them multiple applications other than wall panels.  The second benefits is the number of design choices available for wall paneling systems.  Now you can find custom wall panels designs that look like limestone, granite, marble and even stone.  The maintenance of wall panels are another benefits over paint and wall papers.  Wall panels are more durable and required less maintenance because of the high quality laminates and veneers used to construct Dayoris Doors Wall panels.  Finally, the most important benefit wall panels have over their older counterparts  are their easy installation.  Wall panels systems required no special tools or expertise to install.  The easy installation is what’s been driving the traffic to wall panels systems in recent years.  Decorators and interior designers understand the ease of use and minimal downtime required to install a wall paneling system.  These benefits provide a clear choice of which wall decorator system is best for the future of walls, Wall Panels. 

Italian Wood Wall Panels by DAYORIS Doors

Wall Paneling Carbon Black

“Our Wood panels are built by manufacturers in Italy and provide the same quality and longevity as all of our other italian products sold by DAYORIS Doors”

The real fun of our wall panels is the selection of styles and textures that allow you to mix and match the panels to give your personal space a unique feel and touch. The best place to appreciate the wood style panels we currently carry are in our wood wall panel page. In this page you can find a great Italian wood panel selection. Our panels are built and manufactured in Italy and provide the same quality and longevity as all other Italian products sold by Dayoris Doors. Our wall panels are manufactured with high-end decorative laminates and are certified by Green Guard.  This certificate states our wood wall panels are manufactured with low chemical emissions in order to reduce their ecological footprint. Our fan favorite is the flat color selection option. We have a wide selection of Matt colors to choose from and you can find these panels in our flat color wall panel page. The color wall panels have the same quality and Eco-friendly manufacturing as the wood wall panels and can be shipped all over the world. The selection of wall paneling styles is broad with wood styled panels, color panels and a combination of unique textures. Our wall panels can be shipped anywhere in the world with the capacity to fulfill any size order. 

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Wall Panels by DAYORIS Doors, The Quickest Solution to Your Wall Makeover


Dayoris Custom Wall Paneling Wall Video

These wall panels were installed in a living room in Miami, FL. The wall was painted white and did not compliment the furniture like the wall panels do.  The owners were considering painting the wall by a local artist who was going to charge three the times the cost of our wall panels. The duration of the project was also going to be five times more than what it took our wall paneling experts to complete the project.