Dayoris barn doors are a popular choice for homeowners and designers in Florida, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and surrounding areas, who are looking for a modern and space-saving interior door solution.

Dayoris is a top-notch supplier of contemporary doors. Crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge designs that improve the look of any space.

Benefits of Modern Barn Doors Florida

Experience simplicity and authenticity in your home with the new barn door system by Dayoris. Our interior barn doors seamlessly blend the classic rustic look with modern hardware, creating a magnificent example of design excellence.

Our contemporary barn doors are perfect for display purposes or as a room divider, often designed to be over-sized up to 12 ft tall. These doors fit perfectly in modern loft-style settings. Available in a variety of finishes and designs to complement any interior.

If you’re looking for an architectural feature in your home, consider our Ghost doors or Modern Barn doors. Designed to sit proud of adjacent walls, creating a beautiful display and a room divider. Our modern Ghost Door features a completely invisible Italian hardware system, making it virtually trackless when opened or closed.

At Dayoris, we manufacture these doors in sizes up to 12 ft tall and 6 ft wide, and offer an array of modern finishes. Including true wood veneers, hi-end German laminates, and beautiful clean modern lacquer finishes. Browse our catalog to see all our products and find the perfect interior barn door for your home.

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