Our Modern Sliding Doors take traditional sliding door designs and give you options that fit the decor in your upscale home or commercial space.  Our Custom Barn Doors slide on an exposed track across the top of the door while our ghost door system conceals the track to give the appearance that the door is floating. Sliding Pocket Doors open into a cavity. This gives an effect that the door disappears when open.  Custom designs are available in wood, glass, and a combination of the two. A variety of finishes available including Primed, Matte Lacquer, Laminated Finishes, and Wood veneer. We have a color match table available for our Laminated selection in the finishes section of our Catalog.  Our versatile door hardware selection is available in Satin, Polished, and Black with multiple styles to choose from to compliment your Custom Sliding Door.  

Tons of projects require some variation of our Modern Sliding Doors simply for the functionality.  Whether the design calls for Custom Barn Doors, Modern Sliding Pocket Doors, or our Italian Ghost Doors the quality of our products is unmatched.  

As far as the finish of your Italian Sliding Door by partnering with Egger, Formica, and Abet Laminati we bring you the finest finishes on the market.  To name just a few of our laminated finishes there’s Pasadena Pine, Verona Cherry, Mali Wenge, Grey-Beige Gladstone Oak and dozens more.

Detailed Description of Different Modern Sliding door designs

Custom Barn Door 

The Modern Barn Door uses the most modern hardware and components available while still keeping a touch of classic style by keeping the top bar exposed, the bar is where you can really accentuate that Classic Barn Style.  The door slides along the top rail and leaves about a ½” of space between the bottom of the door and the floor.  

Italian Ghost Door

The Custom Ghost Doors we build at DAYORIS are truly something amazing.  With the track systems components completely concealed it appears as though the door.

Modern Pocket Door

Slides on a concealed track and disappears into the wall when the door is in the open position.  This requires the wall that the door slides into is thick enough for the door to fit. 

Custom Interior Sliding Doors Dayoris