Pocket doors have been used for many years in residential and commercial facilities. Timeless functionality that carries from generation to generation. Modern Interior Doors design has upgraded the standard pocket door into one of elegance and upscale interior design.

Our inventory features high pressured Italian laminate selections of wood veneers, matte and high-gloss finishes and lacquered paint. By choosing a pocket door from Dayoris Doors, you can enjoy the benefits of a door that is both stylish and practical.

Benefits of Pocket Doors

Found in the most upscale residences and commercial buildings throughout South Florida. Let Dayoris bring out the beauty of contemporary design in your space by adding modern custom pocket doors. Continue that elegance with the addition of our European-designed hardware selections. 

Dayoris Doors specialists will help you design the decor of your dreams.

Contact us for an in-home or office consultation. We strive to fulfill every customer request and hold the highest customer satisfaction possible.

How does a Modern Pocket Door work?

Installed in the interior of the home, pocket doors use a special concealed track system that allows the door to disappear into the wall.  Modern Pocket Doors can help overcome many problems in architectural projects.  However, the door disappearing into the wall cavity has certain requirements such as the necessary clearance for the door width.

Our modern designer Pocket Doors are 1 3/4”thick which creates a sleeker design.  Available in our Filo muro/ frameless, flush with the wall,  Filo/ flush with casingTelaio/ with raised casingOmbra/ floating jamb with shadow reveal and Panel/ paneling and door application.

Dayoris Doors has become a leading provider of pocket doors for contemporary interior design. Whether you’re looking to update a single room or your entire home, a pocket door from Dayoris Doors is a stylish choice. In the case you’re looking for further information, check out our installation guide and finishing instructions for further information.

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