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An interior flush door, is a solid core door that when close looks flush with the wall or casing. The door main features is that it conceals the frame and casing from the naked eye. The casing of the flush door is hidden within the wall and can be built of wood or aluminum. The aluminum casing is the next generation of casings and provides a more elegant, stronger and cost effective option to the older wood casing. The idea of flush doors came from the minimalist style that focuses on less is more.

The Italian flush door system is a modern style that looks sophisticated and elegant while providing some unique features like invisible hinges, invisible casing and  invisible frame. The Italian flush door is one of DAYORIS Doors specialties. We have over 5 years of manufacturing and installing the Italian flush door system and have become experts installing over 3,000 custom Italian flush doors. The difference between the flush door and a regular door is the casing and frame itself that hides in the wall. This feature provides a more elegant look, better insulation and better sound restriction. There are different choices in the flush door system; flush door with casing and flush door without casing. For more information about flush doors, custom flush doors and Italian flush doors please visit here.  


Modern Flush With Casing 


Modern Flush without casing

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