DAYORIS DOORS custom barn doors are built with imported materials from Italy and Europe. Barn doors are well cherished by architects and interior designers because of the look and feel the door gives the room. The barn door can be build with most standard door materials and the highlights of the door are the railing mechanism and rustic look. The railing system can be manufacture in numerous styles, colors and sizes. Another feature of the door is the unique look the door provides either opened or closed. Dayoris’ customers who purchased a barn door stated the door act as unique decoration to the room. The railing system gives a rustic modern look which can be complemented with the contemporary feel. The barn door components are; the solid core door, finish, railing mechanism and the hand set. Usually barn doors do not utilize locking mechanisms because they are interior doors but if the customer wants it we can added. Dayoris specializes in building a modern version of the barn door. Dayoris calls them ghost doors. The Ghost Door or invisible barn door hides the railing system within the door, making the door look as if it was floating. The final product looks moderns and exotic, It can be explained as “plain and simple gorgeous”. Dayoris has a large selection of finishes to apply to our solid core doors. We provide in-home quotes to all our possible clients and only by meeting them we can provide the best possible product in the market. For more information please feel free to call us or visit our showroom.


Modern Glass Barn Doors 


Modern Wood Barn Doors

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