Modern Barn Doors

Modern Barn Doors

Modern Barn Doors don’t necessarily have to be rustic, Dayoris Doors use modern hardware on the classic Barn Door to give it a refreshed impressive look. Our Sliding Barn Doors employ simplicity yet still incorporate the most innovative and highest quality hardware on the market. Some of our clients desire a slightly rugged look with a modern touch. The wooden barn door which is perfect blend of classic and contemporary .

Barn Door Wood Dayoris Site 2
Modern Wood Barn Doors

Built with imported materials from Italy and Europe, Barn Doors are a favorite among Architects and interior designers. Barn doors are desired because of the classic look and feel the door gives the room. The highlights of the Barn door are the railing mechanism and rustic look. The railing system can be manufactured in numerous styles, colors and sizes. The unique look the door provides either opened or closed is yet another impressive feature. Dayoris customers who purchase a barn door stated the door acts as unique decoration to the room. The railing system gives a rustic modern look which can be complemented with the contemporary feel.

The Modern Barn Door Components

Glass Barn Door Dayoris
Modern Glass Barn Door

The barn door components include: the solid core door, finish, railing mechanism and the hand set. The Doors can have locking mechanisms added. However, interior doors customarily do not include them.  Dayoris has revived the barn door design with what we call the Ghost Door. Also called the Invisible Barn Door This modern version of the Barn Door hides the railing system within the door. This cutting edge design makes the door look as though it is floating. The final product looks modern, exotic, just plain and simple gorgeous. Dayoris has a large selection of finishes to apply to our solid core doors. For more information please feel free to contact us and we can set up an in-home quote or visit to our showroom, we believe that by meeting with our client we can provide the best possible service.