Dayoris Doors specializes in the manufacturing and installation of premium wood and pivot doors using the highest quality materials available in the market. Our Custom Pivot Doors are exceptionally exclusive as we utilize LEED certified materials and import all our hardware from Italy, ensuring compliance with US manufacturing standards. As a family-owned and operated business, we gauge our success by the utmost satisfaction of our customers with the final product.

We offer the flexibility to manufacture the custom Pivot Door in wood, or a combination of materials. The lead time for our pivot doors is typically 10 to 12 weeks following the customer’s final approval. We never compromise on quality, ensuring that the end result always matches your exact specifications.

Architects and interior designers highly desire our pivot doors, and they are particularly popular in South Florida. Dayoris Pivot Doors embody a contemporary aesthetic and can be effortlessly combined with the latest colors, textures, and designs available in our extensive catalog.

To learn more about our Modern Pivot Doors, we invite you to visit our showrooms or contact us directly.

Benefits of Custom Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors offer a unique design that sets them apart from standard doors. Unlike hinged doors, Custom Pivot Doors are not bound to the wall by hinges. Instead, they rotate from a single point or axis, creating a distinct effect as they swing open or closed.

Custom Oversized Swing doors are a versatile solution for various architectural challenges and provide captivating visual appeal. Pivot doors have gained popularity due to their combination of aesthetics and functionality.

One of the notable advantages of pivot doors is their ability to swing in either direction. This flexibility is particularly useful in spaces where the door needs to be opened from either side. Additionally, many pivot doors are equipped with advanced security features, including multiple locking points and impact-resistant materials, further enhancing their security capabilities.

These doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project. They excel at creating a lasting impression and drawing attention to the unique details they offer. When seeking to make a statement or create a visually stunning focal point, pivot doors are an exceptional choice.

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