Bauhaus Modern Home

The minimalist style of this Bauhaus inspired home proved to be the perfect canvas for Dayoris Custom Doors. Rich German Laminated Wall Paneling was installed on a 23 ft long sliding room divider, using the Dayoris Linear Diffuser Concealed Track System. The wall was designed to close against a 9 ft high Filo Muro Pivot Door which, when closed, transforms into one single paneled wall.  Influenced by the Bauhaus movement in modernism, the Dayoris Design Team brought the idea of a Linear Geometrical Walnut Veneer Slat Wall to conceal the homes elevator shaft, with an adjoining Filo Muro.  Over sized Walnut Veneer Slat Pivot Door. To further enhance the minimalist design of the home. Dayoris installed simple Filo Muro White Lacquer Interior Doors.