Need a quick face lift in your hotel?

When transitioning from one style to the next, it’s important to keep in mind the longevity of your surroundings. Modern design is timeless. You can always add accessories and other things to switch the look without doing too much. DAYORIS is a leader in modern design, specializing in custom doors, wall paneling and contemporary hardware and accessories. There’s nothing greater than having a complete, finished look when you enter a hotel. It’s an even better experience when everything in the room is matched. It means you take pride in your establishment and relish the satisfaction of pleased customers.

Hotel Door Refacing

Our designer collection consists of high-end Italian veneers in a wide selection of colors and textures in wood, high-gloss or matte lacquer. We also feature designs with stainless steel strips and glass. The sky is the limit! Our refacing program is done with our signature Laminating Solution™, which is an exclusive DAYORIS advantage. Our wall panels are designed to complement our doors, and can be constructed in a variety of widths and sizes matched to your exact door pattern.

Who said hotels couldn't upgrade stylishly without repurchasing doors and fittings? We do! Take a minute to consult with one of our design specialists to see how DAYORIS can upgrade your interiors. You won’t regret it!

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